Reiki, Angelic Energy Therapy & Diamond Energy Therapy

Reiki Training Book Online

Learn how to channel reiki energy therapy with Reiki Master Teacher Emma Sims. This amazing energy can be channelled for yourself, your animals and other people

Reiki, or ‘Universal Life Force’ energy is an ancient Japanese technique of channelling energy through a practitioner to another person, for their health and well-being. I like the analogy that it is helping someone to recharge their battery; we’re a connecting lead that helps to plug them into the power supply. Reiki training can be a system of self-healing and person development, others like to learn reiki because they would like to be a Reiki Practitioner, it is an individual journey. My teaching includes a structured approach, but foremost I encourage an intuitive way of working, which can aid self-development and personal growth.

I teach reiki one to one or in small groups. Please bring a packed lunch with you on the day, refreshments are provided.

Please contact me if you would like to learn Reiki, the way that I work is that I set dates upon enquiry so if there aren’t any current dates, please send me a date that you can do (I don’t work Sunday or Monday). If I am available too, I will then advertise the date on facebook.

Usui Reiki Level I £150 Book online


On receipt of your deposit, you will receive a comprehensive manual by email to read through and print out and some questions to answer. Please bring your manual (printed or on a device) on the day, this is not a test but for me to understand how much information you have taken in. Your manual will provide you with additional information about grounding, protection, the chakras, reiki for animals, creative uses of reiki and more.

You will receive 2 Reiju empowerments (or attunements), during the meditative process of Hatsu Reiki Ho, which is recorded for you to practise at home. Reiju is the traditional process which helps you to connect to reiki. You will also learn about

  • The history of reiki
  • Your lineage
  • The Reiki Principles
  • Reiki for self-healing
  • Contraindication(s) to reiki
  • Creating a safe relaxing space
  • 2 methods of Reiki treatments for friends and family: seated and lying on a therapy bed and the reiki had positions
  • Aftercare advice

After the course you will be encouraged to complete 21 days (preferable continuing after this daily) of self-treating with reiki, regularly Hatsu Rei Meditations will also help, as well as practising giving reiki treatments to friends and family.

Usui Reiki Level II £160 9.30am-3pm Book Online

Sometimes known as Practitioners level, however many people take Level 2 for their own personal development. Pre-requisite: Reiki Level 1 plus a basic knowledge and understanding of the chakras. I place no requirement of the time span between the levels, because we all have different experiences and abilities on our journey and I trust that your intuition will guide you to what is right for you. On receipt of your deposit you will receive a comprehensive manual by email to read through an print out if you wish and some questions to ask. Those who have not taken their level 1 with me will be asked to complete the level 1 questions. The questions are not a test for you to pass, but will help me to tailor how I teach if I need to help you to further understand aspects of the learning. Please bring your manual on the day (printed or on a device)

During this level you will receive another reiju empowerment to further strengthen and widen your energy channels in order to increase the amount of energy that you can channel.

  • The symbols and their traditional use
  • Distance healing, healing lists and sending healing to the future and the past
  • Reiki treatments and treatment forms
  • Insurance

Reiki Level III – Reiki Master Teacher 2 days £350

Reiki III is split into two days either over one weekend or with some time apart.  You will receive another reiju empowerment.

Day I

  • What is a Reiki Master?
  • Being Reiki
  • The Master symbol and others, for historical understanding
  • Enlightenment and Mindfulness
  • Further understanding of the major chakras, plus the minor and transpersonal chakras
  • Reiki healing grid

Day II

  • Ethics
  • Professional boundaries
  • Professional conduct
  • Western style attunement methods
  • Traditional Reiju empowerment methods
  • Insurance and professional bodies
  • Further training considerations

Kundalini Reiki  £70 book online


The kundalini energy is also referred to as the ‘Kundalini Fire’ or ‘Serpent Fire’. It is possible to accelerate our personal development by opening the kundalini – ie certain healing channels and chakras are opened and we can gain access to the earth’s energy. The root chakra pulls the energy up which then runs through the body to the crown chakra. An open kundalini means that over a period of time, a cleansing of the chakras, the body part and the energy channels may be attained.

Someone who has difficulties with premature kundalini awakening or who is experiencing blockages may be helped with kundalini reiki. This will not cause a full blown kundalini awakening if the individual isn’t ready for it, like other forms of reiki, it works for the highest good as an intelligent energy. In my experience, it helps people access a part of this energy. Just as one reiki treatment can cause a spontaneous awakening if the person is ready, so can attunements  or initiations to other treatment modalities, if the person is ready.  Kundalini reiki may assist in opening chakra that other reiki systems do not open.

Can kundalini Reiki 1 2 and 3 info details be copied?

Aura Workshop –  2 or 4 hours

This workshop helps you to understand the aura or energy field that surrounds our body.

  • What is the aura?
  • Layers of the aura
  • Techniques to cleanse the aura
  • Feeling the Aura
  • Learning to see the aura
  • Drawing an aurogram

You will receive a workshop booklet and certificate of attendance

Angelic Energy Therapy Book online

I channelled the Angelic Energy Therapy attunements in October 2012 during meditation with a Spiritual development group that I work with, linking with the energy of Archangel Gabriel at that time. I have been using it with clients and those that have learnt it, with good feedback, since. It is a beautiful energy.

Learn how to channel this for yourself and others. The energy is often described as being like a gentle hug, the Angelic Energy reassuringly takes us by the hand.  Reiki by contrast as an energy can be like a nudge in the ribs that helps us to shift and drops us ‘in at the deep end’ and sometimes people can find it too much, Angelic Energy may be more suitable in those cases. It is no more or less powerful, it is just another way. Angelic Energy Therapy is NOT reiki, it is a different vibration.

 Workshops are 2 hours for those with prior experience of energy work for others, such as reiki practitioners and other energy therapists. Or, it maybe run as a workshop for those new to energy therapies. Some knowledge or connection with the angels may be beneficial, as you will not learn about the angels on the day, part of the training through the levels and when you work frequently with the energy, is to encourage you to develop your own personal connections with the Angels and in that way empower you. Distant Attunements are also available.

Level 1  – 2 hours £60  (or day course if no prior experience)

You will

  • Receive an attunement to the energy during an Angelic Meditation
  • Open up your connection to your guardian angel and an Archangel
  • Understand how the energy works with the lower chakras
  • Self-treating and treatments for others
  • The purification / cleanse
  • Experience the energy and how it may help yourself and others
  • Grounding in reality and facing our fears
  • Physical exercise considerations

At level 2 – 2 hours £60 (or a day for those with no prior experience of angel cards)

As well as receiving a further attunement, this level focuses on a simple 3 card empowerment reading. You will receive the manual in advance to read before the workshop, so that best use of practical time can be made. Prior knowledge and experience of oracle or angel cards is useful but not essential.

  • Angelic meditation
  • Opening up the higher chakras
  • Dietary change considerations
  • Ethics of reading cards for others
  • Opening up and closing down
  • Simple 3 card angel spread
  • Empowering Guidance Method

Level 3 – 3 hours £100

As well as a further attunement this level focuses on your process of transformation: ‘as above, so below’. You will

 Recap on what you have learnt during the first two levels

  • Meditate further on the energies of Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Azrael, Archangel Chamuel and Metatron and anchor your own connections
  • Companionship Angels – ‘duos and trios’ – enhancing our relations with others
  • Instructions for passing the attunements to others
  • Receive the Meditations for the levels

As a follow on from Angelic Energy Therapy you may enjoy Diamond Energy Therapy

‘Earth Angels walk with both feet on the ground’ ‘Come out of the darkness and into the light. Transforming the shadow to let the light in; transmuting the darkness and bringing you back down to earth. Grounding you back into your body and out of your head.’

 Feedback photos

Diamond Energy Therapy Levels I, II  – 2 hours in a group or 1 hour 1-2-1 £60

Pre-requisite Reiki level 1 or AET Level 1 (day course)

Co-created by Emma Sims

‘Finding your inner sparkle authentically’

For those that have taken this course, it has been enjoyed immensely.  The energy has been described as feeling tingly, sparkly, magnetic, clear and light.

Diamond Energy Therapy (DET) is linked with Angelic Energy Therapy. You do no have to be attuned to AET, but you may find that it enhances both your own energy and that of the DET as you channel it. DET complements crystal healing.

On this day you will learn more about:

  • Working with the energy for self and others
  • Psychic protection and boundaries
  • Mending auric holes and clearing psychic debris
  • Co-creating and manifesting

Overseen by the energy of Archangel Michael predominantly level 2 also connects us to Archangel Gabriel, Diana Goddess of the Hunt and level 3 with Archangel Azrael & Metatron.

See the main Diamond Energy Therapy page for more information about level’s 2 & 3

Feedback – “Wow Diamond Energy is lovely. As always Emma’s course was warm, friendly with lots of information provided both in the workshop and within the manual. Emma has a natural ability to respond to the natural flow of the workshop, meeting the varying needs of participants.”

The Following Energy Awareness Workshops can be taken as a 6-8 week course, or as stand alone workshops

Empath Awareness Workshop – 2 hours

Are you an empath? Do you find that you are affected by other people’s moods or physical conditions, do you pick up on atmospheres? Does it sometimes feel more like a curse than a gift?

In this 2 hour workshop you will learn more about the traits of the empath, what an empath isn’t (and related dysfunctions), theories on how energy affects us, and tips on how to work with the energy, techniques to cope and clearing energy.

Energy Awareness Workshop – 2 hours

In this workshop, you will learn what is ‘energy’ and how to identify common experiences of energy within or around us. You will understand how we interact with others on an energetic level and look at ways to manage your energy.

Connective Therapy  – 2 hours

Are you feeling a bit stuck, unbalanced, tired, jaded, put-upon or run down? Connective therapy may be worth a try to help you shift. This is a little know technique that has been part of my self-care practise for the last 15 years. It combines meditation, affirmation and energy work with the intention of clearing and strengthening your energy centres (chakras) and aura and finishes with a conscious intention to connect to the Divine.

Energy Drainers and Radiators (Energy/Psychic Vampires)

Do you ever feel very drained in someone’s presence? We can all ‘take’ energy from others if we are in need. During this workshop we will identify potential situations where our energy maybe drained and how we can protect ourselves and how do we manage our own energy? We look at scenarios where we maybe taking energy from others and drain our own energy! Find out ways to replenish your energy and recharge yourself 

Energy Clearing (Energy Hygiene)

Practising Energy Hygiene gives us the understanding of how to clear our energy fields of lower vibrational energy that we may be moving on from, or we have absorbed or sponged from others

Do you feel drained? Do you often feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders? Do you sometimes feel upset about something and find it hard to let go of it? Do you notice atmospheres and find that other people’s moods affect you? Do you work in a helping profession, or as a carer and are feeling burnt out?

Taking care of our energy field, aura or energy body (the energy that surrounds our physical body) can be vital for our well-being. Imagine not washing your clothes how the dirt would build up over time, becoming hard and cracked etc.

In this workshop you will learn more about how we absorb energy and you will gain tools to clear your energy field. Many people find that practising energy clearing or energy hygiene can make a difference to their overall wellbeing. You will probably find that are you using a variety of the techniques already without realising.

The Chakras as a Map of our Consciousness – 2.5 hours

Understanding more about the chakras can help us to navigate our personal development and obstacles that occur along that path. During this workshop you will learn about these energy centres and how it’s thought that they work, as well as helping you to identify your own subtle experiences with them.  An understanding of each of the major chakras and how they relate to our consciousness will help you to identify where your imbalances are and methods for working with them. We also look briefly at the minor chakras and the higher chakras.

Crystal and Colour Therapy Course 8 weeks x 2 hours

Over 8 weeks, you will learn more about the properties of some of the popular crystals, how crystals are thought to work in therapy and how to take care of them. As well as understanding more about colour, the chakras and how these energy therapies can help yourself and others, this popular course with crystal meditations will indulge your inner twinkle!

Feedback for Courses

“It was all taught in a very clear way, that was made easy to understand”

“Thank you so much for showing me the tools to become a MASTER OF MYSELF. Ive finally found who I am and the journey has been massive so far, yet I’ve only just begun, Thank you”

“Thank you for a warm and friendly day”

“I could feel my energy flow become stronger. It has been a lovely day today. I was so excited and comfortable. I am deeply grateful to have chance to learn reiki”

“I would encourage more people to come on the course as it has helped me through difficult times in my life and made me feel more empowered physically and mentally and anything is possible”

“Friendly, relaxing, fun atmosphere”

“I loved that it was tailored to me, you being flexible in teaching it was great. Plus you’re a natural teacher for getting information across and making the pupil think for themselves…what more can I say?! If I do make it to master level I’m nicking all your ideas 😉”

“I had a very enjoyable day – Emma is a very knowledgeable and sensitive person. The environment was peaceful. I felt very well looked after and would recommend anyone who want to experience Reiki to do so”

“The day went really quickly – my mind was racing in the morning but by the afternoon I felt contented and mellow.  I’m looking forward to see how this will enfold into the future and how it may help me and people I know”

“Distance healing and house cleansing were particularly enjoyable during the workshop..also found the chapter on developing sensitivity to energies useful after coming home. Thank you for your encouragement.”

“A memorable workshop. I always feel comfortable during sessions with Emma and it was a very comfortable environment and I feel that I have learnt a lot. Thank you”

“Very relaxing and easy to talk. Very informative as well and I  have learned and progressed. A fantastic workshop. Emma is very empathic and knowledgeable. I would love to continue the journey with Reiki”

“Really enjoyed it all. Excellent – warm environment. Can’t wait until next workshop!”

“I have enjoyed the day, [particularly] the attunements and meditation, relaxed atmosphere and informal approach and the opportunities to practise”

“Lovely group uplifting, exciting, calming and left with a sense of well-being and peace. Felt very comfortable with Emma”

“Enjoyed all of it”

Really enjoyed Reiki level I can’t wait to do Reiki level 2. Emma is a fabulous teacher and made me understand Reiki very clearly”

“Fantastic 6 week course learnt a lot about myself. Feel very much at ease with you Emma and safe. Fantastic teacher and REALLY looking forward to Reiki 2”

“Thank you very much for introducing me to Reiki and walking this path, your knowledge is incredible, can’t wait for Reiki 2”

“I felt this course was designed for me, I am 100% more comfortable within myself from start to finish, this has been a fantastic experiences, I hope to experience it again. I am inspired and hope to make a difference, even if its day by day”

“The workshop was very good and I liked the informal attitude to each week and the way people could add information and experiences at any point without being rushed along to get the allotted amount done for that day. All was explained well if questions were asked. The feedback from Emma was helpful. I found that things that I  was feeling or thinking where confirmed by her”

“Felt able to ask and digress too, good to be able to discuss topic areas. Thank you for a lovely day”

“Emma’s delivery and presence is wonderful. She has fantastic energy that helps you relax and fully immerse yourself in the workshop. Plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get questions answered/clarified”

“Very informative and friendly environment – time for both debate and practise”

“{I liked the} one-to-one tuition, informative and interesting, quality of information provided. Very well run course, reiki journal provides useful feedback”

“I enjoyed the practical aspects and hearing feedback and other people’s experiences of the process. Lovely friendly atmosphere. Space to express yourself. Great day!”

“Excellent. The practical helped to embed the learning. Got a little confused at one point with the methods but that was cleared up. Thank you with all my heart!”

“[I particular liked] practical sessions – could feel what was happening”

“Emma has helped me attain Reiki Levels 1&2. I cannot thank her enough for the warmth and knowledge she has shared with me. I would highly recommend Emma to anyone interested in learning reiki..”

“Very interactive, small group size makes it very easy to maximise participates in practical exercises. Very informative workbook to accompany the day and use as a future reference tool.”

“I particularly liked the attunement experience itself and cleansing of the room. Good day. Very informative and inspiring as usual.”