Claircognisance is the psychic sense meaning clear knowing

A thirst for outer knowledge through books can sometimes inhibit the flow of inner knowledge and wisdom

Claircognisance is related to the crown chakra. As this opens and we attain higher levels of consciousness, awareness and a sense of Oneness or Unity consciousness we may suddenly become very aware that we just ‘know’ something. It can occur when we connect with the collective unconscious or the Akashic records, sometimes without realising (paradoxically) that we are tapping into this source of Divine knowledge. Claircognisance is associated with open-mindedness, wisdom, Higher truth and philosophies, Divine Guidance, Prophecy and Divine Intervention.  It is also linked with unconditional love, Divine wisdom, Unity Consciousness and higher beings such as Angels, Ascended Masters, Saints and God.

When someone is speaking claircognisantly there can be a wise gentle truth that is felt from their words, they may be philosophical, spiritual, or they may be completely unaware of the sources that they are drawing upon and say that they are  ‘talking off the top of their head’.

Claircognisance can occur when we just ‘know’ something, we don’t know how we know, or why we know, we can’t explain it, but we just do. It is a sure notion, there is with no room for doubt, a quiet acceptance, as sure as we know our own name (however be also aware of the compulsion we may feel to prove a point, this is not clear knowing – with clear knowing there is also acceptance that another might not agree).

Claircognisant information may come through as a block of high vibrational information through the crown chakra – it’s not heard or seen. As claircognisance develops and the individual becomes more familiar with this way of working, they may just ‘know’ a vibration is coming in to be downloaded – like a block of information – and the claircognisant will keep themselves open to receiving it. There can be a pause, much like when listening clairaudiently, only nothing is heard, it’s like an empty space with just a knowing that information is coming through. The crown chakra, like a transformer, will then step-down the information, almost as if it is translated. Connections are made like light bulb moments or a flash of inspiration which is then spoken or written. The information becomes apparent; the claircognisant gains sudden understanding, clarity and wisdom they might not have had before.

Claircognisance can occur when we suddenly become knowledgeable about a subject that we haven’t studied in depth (for example philosophy) as if we have access to further information without really knowing how. It can also come into play when sensing the presence of spirit, we may automatically know whether the presence is masculine or feminine without initially seeing them, feeling them or hearing them, we may just know they are feminine.

We may also be using the psychic sense of claircognisance when we have an inner knowing that it wouldn’t be right for us to go to a certain place, an inner knowing that the timing is not be right but we’re not sure how or why we know this – it is not linked to a ‘good feeling’ or a ‘bad feeling’ about going.

It may appear that we are claircognisant, when we just know something, but don’t know how we know because we do not yet have full understanding of how we receive psychic information, but this is because we have yet to tune into ourselves at a deeper level and take note of personal development too. If the information does not include clarity, wisdom or an inspirational’ element, it may not be claircognisance. As we develop further and tune into ourselves more we then begin to identify the differing sensations of the other clairs and make more sense of how we receive our psychic information. This can also be like a coming together of the information from all the other chakras. The crown chakra is sometimes seen as being violet, gold or white. White contains all the colours of the chakras. As the wisdom from the other chakras is integrated and we are able to walk our talk, the crown chakra could be seen a synergy or coming together of knowledge gained and lessons understood and learnt from the other chakras, turning from violet to white or at the highest levels of wisdom gold.

Other examples of claircognisance can be that upon waking, we just know that we have been somewhere or we have been talking to someone or been taught something and it is very real. We may not remember where, or who we’ve been talking too, but we just know and there’s a feeling that it is linked with learning something or helping someone.