The Aura

Basically speaking, the aura is our energy field. Sometimes known as the ‘Biomagnetic Sheath’, the aura is thought to be a form of electromagnetic energy, or subtle radiation (energy) which comes out from the body, via the chakras. Kirlian photography has helped us via a special form of photography to ‘see’ the aura and its varying colours. The colours and the size of the aura will vary according to our moods, emotions and feelings, our thought patterns, and where we are at spiritually and physically too.

Etheric Layer — colour red or grey connects to the root chakra.

The name comes from the word ether, which is a state between matter and energy — it’s like a form of “glue” which joins the other subtle bodies to the physical. It has the same structure as the physical body, including all the anatomical parts and all the organs. This auric body extends about 1/4- 2 inches outwards from the physical body. It is the densest of the auras, the others all vibrating at increasingly higher levels as the levels progress. The etheric body carries energy through channels known as nadis (or meridians) from chakra to chakra. The nadis are like tiny streams that aim to supply energy to our whole system. If healthy this will be accomplished, but if there is illness in the physical body it will show up as gaps or erratic energy in this field.

Emotional Layer — orange — connects to the sacral chakra

This layer extends one to four inches from the physical body. It is associated with feelings, reflecting an immediate emotional charge that is being experienced by that person at that time. We can observe this in a subconscious way, when we notice that someone has “just changed” or seems to have shifted slightly, or something seems to “have come over them”, perhaps they seem “on edge”. Feelings such as happiness, sadness, joy and anger are reflected in our emotional field. This body can sometimes throw off “blobs” when for instance someone is releasing feelings and the emotional reference of “don’t dump your rubbish on me” could be seen to come from this. It can also be seen as the place where our “emotional baggage” is stored. A feeling of heaviness emotionally can be related to this layer.

Mental Layer — yellow — connects with the solar plexus chakra

The mental layer is concerned with the structure of our thoughts and mental processes; the stronger or more active our thoughts are, the more radiant the shade of yellow that characterises this aura. This layer extends from three to eight inches around the body, but can more often be seen around the head and shoulders when someone is actively concentrating or speaking.

The Astral Body — green/pink — the heart chakra

This extends from eight to twelve inches outwards from the body and appears as beautiful clouds of colours, soft and subtle, as they are infused with green or the rose light of love. If the energy of this level is low, the colours will be dark, and the energy will feel thick, heavy, sludgy and stagnant. It is this kind of energy blockage that leads to pain, physical exhaustion and eventually disease, making us feel “weighed down”. The astral body is said to be the vibration that we consciously experience after dying.

Etheric Template — blue — connected with the throat chakra

This is a blue-print copy of the etheric body. It extends about twelve to twenty-four inches away from the physical body. The etheric template is linked with memory as it is at this level that all our memories that may be forgotten, remembered or buried. It is also where the present and all possible futures are stored. It holds the key to our evolutionary process, and is in perfect resonance with the universe. When we are aligned with Divine will, we feel the power and connectedness with all things around. Opening up to the higher understanding of this level, we see that we are co-creators of our world. We have a choice in how we live our life.

Celestial Body — purple — connected with the third eye chakra

Extending about two to two and three quarter feet away from the body as a bright shimmering light of opalescent pastel colours, the celestial body is the emotional level of the spiritual plane, where we can experience spiritual ecstasy. This is the level that we reach when we appreciate a state of “being”, when we see the love and connectedness in everything that exists, when we feel at one with the Universe and God and know that these elements are part of us too. Then our consciousness is raised to the celestial body. This is the level of feelings within the spirit world and where we can communicate with all beings. The celestial body mirrors the inactive part of our brain, the subconscious mind. Through tuning into the subconscious we strengthen our connection with our celestial body. It is through the Celestial body that we learn unconditional love.

Ketheric Template or Spiritual Aura — violet, white or gold — connected with the crown chakra

The ketheric template extends about two and a half to four feet feet away from the physical body and presents itself as an extremely bright golden light that pulses rapidly. This is the largest most expansive layer of the aura, and for most people it is the thinnest. Buddha’s spiritual aura (Ketheric template) is said to radiate for 200 miles. This body is like a golden egg that surrounds and protects everything within it, it is a grid structure. It spins at a very high frequency.

Crystals for the Aura

Preventing Leaks from the Aura

A labradorite pendant or crystal will help to stop energy leaking from the aura. This could be useful if working in a profession where there are a lot of people in great need (such as a hospital). Each person (even those not under your care) may unknowingly tap into the aura, in search of energy. Longterm, this could lead to burn out. If wearing labradmite it then becomes a more conscious choice and we are able to ascertain within ourselves whether we have the energy ‘to give’.

Strengthening the Aura with crystals

Clear quartz, smoky quartz red jasper, fluorite and labradorite are crystals that we can use to strengthen the aura. These can either be worn as a necklace, or kept in the pocket, or in the bra. They can also be placed over the relevant chakras when meditating. Crystal spheres work particularly well with the aura.

Repairing Holes in the Aura

Selenite, diamonds and aqua aura work particularly well if there are any holes, lips or tears in the aura. Holes in the aura may be experienced as a feeling of vulnerability, or of being exposed particularly on the back. Using selenite to smooth together the aura, pulling it together as if ‘sewing’ might be of help.