Additional Reading

This section includes information, exercises and techniques which may help you on your journey.

As well as information about Meditation, The Chakras and The Aura, the section is divided into 3 sections, with articles relating to:

  • Psychic Development
  • Spiritual and Self-Development
  • Energy Healing Articles

In the Psychic Development section is information about Grounding, a practical exercise which can help if you live in your head, helping you to come back down to earth and into your body. Protection is an article about the technique of protecting ourselves spiritually and reasons why we may wish to do that.

The section on the Chakras explains that they are the energy centres of the body; a useful map to aid self-development, consciousness and healing. Looking Within is something we may often be told to do, to look inside for our answers, but it is a process which is rarely explained, here it is explained. Meditation can help with quietening the mind, so that we can hear ourselves plus aid relaxation, de-stressing, emotional development and helps with focus and concentration. Being in the (k)now helps us to understand some of the benefits of remaining centred in the present moment.

Peak Experiences and Awakenings can explain a little about how it may feel from time to time on the spiritual path when we open up further, whilst Surrender is something we may benefit from at other times. It is important in our development that we maintain Authenticity, this article discusses this along with genuineness. Under the healing section are crystals, with properties and good photographs to hopefully aid identification.

More articles will be posted soon.

There is also a Links section with contact details of local or national organisations which may be of use to you.