Diamond Energy Therapy

“Finding your authentic inner sparkle”

Diamond Energy Therapy was channelled in January 2016 by Emma Sims, and shared with the spiritual development group which includes Rachael Nash, Lisa Morris and Lindsay Sullivan who worked together to develop the Diamond Energy Therapy system further.

It was suggested that this system was made available to others as soon as possible and the initial feedback was positive for those who trained, with requests for the next level. That didn’t happen until this year 2020 when levels 2 and 3 came through.

Diamond Energy Therapy Treatments

Distantly or in person – 30 or 60 minutes
No results are ever guaranteed, but the energy system may help you with:

v Recuperation from illness

v Strengthening the physical body generally

v Bonding, strengthening and deepening relationships. It may aid relationship and attachment issues

v Aiding shadow transformation and providing clarity for those issues

v Boundaries and protection. Diamond Energy Therapy may help those who feel vulnerable, frightened and in need, to feel more protected, boosted and ‘shored up’.

v For those who have suffered abuse of any form, working with holes in the aura, DET and increase resilience

v DET may empower decision making and enable people to take back and stand in their power.

v It may help with people who are overly empathic and over-giving

Feedback for DET

I have just undertaken a 6 week programme of Diamond Energy Therapy with Emma, this is an incredible and powerful energy healing that I can honestly say has created a huge shift in me, I feel a different person, historical blocks that I had carried for so long have shifted and I feel lighter, happier and confident to move forwards. I am looking forward to this next chapter in my life, this is a journey not a race and I welcome the opportunity to continue to learn and develop, knowing that Emma will continue to be someone I reach out to. I am incredibly honoured and grateful to have had her support, guidance and healing and would highly recommend her services

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Learning for DIAMOND ENERGY THERAPY at all levels is via 1-2-1 or group distance learning via zoom or skype and distance attunement. You will receive a manual in advance. Please note that some insurance companies do prefer that you have received face to face learning.

Diamond Energy Therapy Level 1  (Pre-requisite Reiki Level 1 or healing modality. You will require a degree of competence and familiarity with energy work. If you feel you require extra learning support you can opt for extra 1-2-1 sessions with me)

During this well received Energy Therapy Workshop you will receive the attunement to the Diamond Energy Level 1 and learn:

1. How to channel and work with the Diamond Energy Therapy for yourself and others

2. Work with the Black Diamond Energy which helps to release shadow elements for personal development. Integrating the shadow self.

3. Work with the Diamond Energy for manifesting and co-creating ‘brighter being’

4. Self-Healing

5. Distant Healing

6. Clearing psychic debris

Diamond Energy Therapy Level 2

As it is a relatively new facet of the system, I welcome feedback. It is becoming apparent that it might be one for the animals too!

This was ‘birthed’ in March 2020 by myself, Emma Sims and the Spiritual Development Group (Lisa Morris, Lindsay Sullivan & Rachael Nash) that I work with. Immediately we set to work to bring it into being. We also journeyed to the Corona Virus to understand the message that it may hold. It became apparent that I needed to work with this ‘energy of the moment’ and make it more available to other’s online. This system works with Diana Goddess of the Hunt and the Moon & Archangel Gabriel.

The DET energy may help with and works with:

  • Physical immunity and immune system imbalances and considerations
  • Symbolic immunity from fear, recognising and owning your own fear
  • Distance Healing is an intense focus of this system. It was ‘birthed’ just before lockdown and the onset of the Corona Virus Pandemic in the UK.
  • Increased connection with nature
  • As an energy therapy which animals seem to be appreciative of
  • Clearing the Aura in person or distantly
  • Retreats; ‘social isolation’, possibly loneliness
  • Disidentification from the ego – ‘immunity’ from it and learning to detach further in order to make space for Diamond ‘Presence’ at level 3
  • Cleansing herbs such as Pau D’arco, Burdock, Nettles, Wild Garlic (please check your suitability for these with a qualified herbalist) & coriander may resonate

Level 2 DET Attunement

A further attunement will increase your capacity to channel more of the DET vibration plus you will learn about the:

  • Pink Diamond Energy
  • Diamond Heart Mudra, symbolism and using it to heal Self and others distantly
  • Sieving the aura and working with the auric shell
  • The Diamond Vacuum
  • Nature, global and animal Healing

Level 3 DET

“Ready to take the world by shine”

Level 3 takes us deeper into just Being

diamond energy therapy herkimer diamond crystal grid
Diamond Energy Grid
  • Working with the infinity symbol and creating space to allow the Diamond Light & Presence to emerge
  • Metatron and Azrael are archetypal energies that you can link to inspiration and guidance from
  • The yellow diamond energy
  • During this level you will learn to be presence, to radiate and just be
  • Transfiguration
  • Deep listening
  • The therapeutic relationship
  • Gazing & Beaming
  • Being in the Diamond Energy
  • Shining a light
  • Root cause and infinity symbols
  • Cleansing crystals with the Diamond Hand mudra
  • Metatron’s Sacred Geometry Diamond Grid
  • Azrael, the death of ego layers & the Buddhist Meditation on Death

Level 3 Energy (Attunement) Transmission & instructions on how to pass on the attunements to others

Feedback for Diamond Energy Therapy

“I had a wonderful experience receiving the first level of Diamond Energy therapy from one of my oldest friends Emma Sims today. Emma created a gentle but powerful healing space for us to work within and for me to receive this energy. I was very pleasantly surprised in what was revealed to me during the attunement and meditations, it was a very moving experience and one I will hold dear. I gained insight, I worked deeply with my shadow side and embraced so much I’d not realised I had resisted. I felt very supported and loved unconditionally, this was a truly beautiful and quite an emotional experience, I didn’t want the call to end!”

“I provided an impromptu cord cutting with a client after I sent the feedback. It was intensely >>>POWERFUL<<< I was quite taken aback. I turned on Reiki, Eir and Rahanni healing, created a safe space with the angels IN the Diamond Energy and WOW…
My client felt like a new person! She had been lethargic and dragging, then was fully energized when we completed….The Diamond Energy Therapy has been a remarkable, valuable, miraculous addition to my tool box…I’ve been a couple of years regaining my footing, feeling safe, accepting my personal life for what it really is, instead of what I thought it was. The Diamond Energy was EXACTLY what I needed to really anchor feeling safe – in the midst of unrest all around me. Thank YOU for sharing this!!! I’m overflowing beyond words with gratitude!
Please, do let me know when the second level is ready to share. I’m sure the time will be right “

“Wow Diamond Energy is lovely. As always Emma’s course was warm, friendly with lots of information provided both in the workshop and within the manual. Emma has a natural ability to respond to the natural flow of the workshop, meeting the varying needs of participants.”

“I wanted to use the Diamond Energy and I have and I LOVE it! …I felt the Diamond Energy Therapy would be an important piece of my support tool puzzle and OMG – it has been! I’ve felt remarkably grounded, centered and balanced since the attunement and when I trace the energy back the underlying support IS the Diamond Energy Therapy. PLUS… I’ve used it with clients and Majyk AngelFeather (dog) and I love the loving safe support it provides. Majyk especially loved the sparkles! I’m sure more and more will be revealed that this energy provides as I work with it. Thank you, Emma, for bringing this beautiful, remarkable energy through. I am so grateful!”

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