Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy is a relaxing treatment on its own, or it can be combined with other therapies such as Reiki,  Colour TherapyAromatherapy Massage and Reflexology.

The Treatment

The treatment takes 1 hour and begins with a consultation to understand more about the client’s current lifestyle, health & medical conditions. The consultation also determines whether crystal treatment would be suitable for the client as they aren’t recommended for everyone. If caution is advised it may be the case that another treatment, such as Reiki or Aromatherapy Massage may be more beneficial. If a crystal treatment is suitable, the consultation can help the therapist to decide which crystals may be beneficial.

The client remains fully clothed and lies down on a therapy bed, or sometimes on mats on the floor and can be covered by a blanket for comfort and warmth. The therapist begins the treatment by scanning the client’s energy field, which surrounds the body, to check for imbalances.

The most appropriate crystals for the client are then selected and laid on or around their fully clothed body. Certain patterns of crystals are known for their healing benefits. The Star of David for example is laid around the body of the client and is good for dissolving emotional blockages.  The client will be asked to relax and during this time they may also have some Reiki, colour therapy, a meditation or just let the crystals do their work on their own whilst listening to some soft music.  

After the treatment the practitioner may recommend certain crystals that the client might benefit from using at home. A course of treatments may be needed for chronic conditions.

What conditions may crystal therapy help with?

  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Stress
  • Back pain and chronic pain
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Hormone Imbalances
  • Spiritual Crisis

After a treatment

Try to spend the rest of the day relaxing. Avoid driving long distances or operating machinery. Drink adequate water as this will aid detoxification. The guidelines are 2-3 litres of water consumed over the course of a day. Avoid alcohol and smoking for at least 12 hours after your treatment to allow your body time to detoxify. Eat light meals for the rest of the day so that your body can focus on the healing benefits of the treatment, rather than digestion.

How does crystal therapy work?

One theory is that each crystal has a specific frequency and it vibrates at a different rate. The frequency of certain crystals are thought to directly correspond with the frequency of a healthy functioning emotion or organ within our bodies. When our body or mind is imbalanced crystals may help to lower or higher the vibration of certain aspects so that the diseased state is gradually restored to a harmonious state of health. This form of healing is known as resonance or entrainment. An example of resonance in action is when a string is plucked on one guitar and the same string on another guitar in the vicinity will vibrate and sound too without it being directly touched. In this way. it is not only the just the emotions or the organs of the body which benefit from crystal therapy but our mental and spiritual aspects can benefit too. Crystals are thought to help the layers of the aura (the body’s energy field) to re-align which can enable us to feel more connected again.