The Veil

When we are born, it’s said that we ‘forget’ the Spiritual Realms. This forgetting is sometimes referred to as ‘the veil’ between this and other worlds; acting like a curtain so that we can’t see – perhaps in order for us to focus on life on earth as that’s the task in hand. The veil blankets the memories of other lives and realities and varies in density between each soul incarnated here. Some of us may choose to incarnate with more open, thinner veils, and are likely to be classed as sensitive, over-sensitive or highly sensitive, because certain things, certain esoteric truths are ‘remembered’ more easily for what we’ve incarnated here to do (our life purpose). For some, shock and trauma can tear the veil, so that they open up further and become more sensitive. As the veil becomes more translucent, echoes of other realities and existences may be felt. The veil-like a sticky web, ‘keeps us in the dark’, intricately binding our chakras and aura and our ego (lower self) together so that we are more dense vibration*. This makes it difficult initially for us to get in touch with our Soul. As we develop and become more sensitive, as we work through issues, blocks such as hatred and our general dysfunctions, so the veil thins, dissolves and falls away – or becomes more transparent in order that we can see through it. Sometimes when this happens past lives can surface spontaneously – but if all time is Now, why do we rarely experience future lives surfacing spontaneously? Possibly because if there are unresolved issues (blocks) from the past, they will play out in the present. It can be useful to bring those past lives into our current understanding of this life (or even the sense of them, whether they are perceived to be ‘real’ or not) and meditate on what meaning they might hold for us in this life. The veil is said to be thinner when we’re just dropping off to sleep or just waking up and also when we’re asleep, maybe because the subconscious is more open at this time and the rational mind is out of the way. When we’re completely relaxed, the ego tends to get out of the way, we’re not so tense and questioning and trying to control what is. It is then that spirit finds it easier to communicate with some people whilst they’re asleep. If we dream of a loved one that has passed over, and it feels very real, it’s my belief that they have come to say hello to us, and we’re not ‘just’ dreaming, but there has been a verging of realities. When we waken from physical sleep, our rational thinking or lower self may close the veil and tell us that it is just a dream.

When the veil is heavy it could be said that we’re asleep, although we’re technically walking around awake. Only when the veil starts to thin significantly do we wake up and start to see things for what they are, for example we don’t get so caught up in dramas, acting out etc and are able to be more authentic and wounded. The phrase, wake up and smell the roses/coffee often relates to the person that is walking around unwounded, with their head in the clouds; or perhaps their head is through the veil and not based in this reality that we live in now. The ultimate is to gain balance between this world and the next. When the veil lifts, it is as if our eyes have opened and we see beyond the everyday, experiencing and appreciating the true miracle of living right here on earth right now.

The ‘Aha! I understand’ light bulb moment, the penny drop moment, moments of ilkunination or the dawning of realisation when we suddenly understand something and things falls into place, is energetically the same as when we remember something that’s been on the tip of our tongue or at the back of the mind. This could be the opening of the subconscious mind in order for the superconscious (collective conscious) to jump through – like remembering where we left the key to unlock the door. As we get more and more in touch with our subconscious and clear the way there, we be* to remember more, we become more able to peek through the veil that can lead us to the understanding that all information that we might ever need is out there for us to access (the collective tmconsconscious or Akashic records). The difficulty is that we are unable at times to remember how to access it — we might not have the key at all times, sometimes we lose it again, and we can go back to forgetting as another block or issue comes up to be addressed.

As we develop and work through our earthly issues, such as judgement, the veil becomes thinner and thinner then the dawning of realisations and remembrance gradually becomes more frequent and more and more consistent. When these moments of opening or awakenings occur, colours look bright, things are magical, we see how things connect and that the separation, or the veil, is an illusion. This is what Abraham Maslow described as a Peak Experience.

Old Souls

As all time is NOW, it might be that there are no old souls. Many lifetimes could be occurring simultaneously in this instant; those that we refer to as past and future lives, but may not have knowledge of right Now. In this instant, this ‘life’, our soul could be choosing to experience an existence where the veil is thinner, where we can ‘remember’ more for the purposes of helping others to awaken.