Angelic Energy Therapy

Your 60 minute treatment consists of a consultation, Angelic Energy Therapy plus a 10 minute angel card selection. This can be a reading to provide guidance or self-selection of cards and a discussion of your own interpretation of the cards either before the energy therapy (which may allow you to focus on the card during the therapy) or after (which may help to confirm thigs for you that may come up during the treatment).

What conditions may AET help with?

No results are ever guaranteed. Particularly, AET may help people who are feeling confused about what they are meant to be doing in life, if they are at a crossroads and not sure of who they are and what they are doing. It is a transformational energy which can assist personal development.

AET may stimulate and accelerate the body’s own natural ability to heal itself and regular treatments may help to boost the immune system. Like other energy therapies, AET may help to cleanse the body of toxins, relieve pain, soothe shock, or calm the mind. Everyone’s experience and their reaction or response to AET will be different and no two treatments per person will be the same.

There are many conditions which may benefit from AET, a few of which are: stress, chronic pain and general aches and pains, mental health problems, nervous system disorders, digestive problems, spiritual crisis, bereavement, sleep problems and disorders, trauma and shock.

Angelic Energy Therapy may also help with the following

  • Your relationship with yourself – inspiration, awareness and understanding – and your relationship with others
  • Allowing yourself to receive
  • Purification – emotional catharsis
  • May encourage you to increase your exercise regime
  • Personal development
  • Cleansing of cells including generational aspects. Issues that have run through generations in a family may come up to be addressed.

Please note
This treatment is not suitable during pregnancy or for very young babies and children who cannot give their consent. This system is not intended to replace medical care, if you have a health for concern please consult your healthcare provider. Angelic Energy Therapy is not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical care, nor is it an alternative – it is complementary to that care. In this way it also works in conjunction with other therapies.

How many treatments do I need?

How many treatments are needed is entirely up to you; one treatment may be sufficient for your needs if you are, for example, mildly stressed. If you have a chronic or long-term condition, you may benefit from a course of treatments over a longer period of time, an ideal maybe a treatment every week for 3 or 6 weeks then see how you get on with a longer gap in between treatments. During times of stress you may find that you benefit from more regular treatments, Some people may choose to have a treatment regularly every few weeks. It is invariably the case that when you have had a treatment you instinctively know whether you need, or would like, another.

What will I feel as I receive the Angelic Energy Therapy?

Any number of sensations may be felt, typically warmth, coolness, movement of energy within the body, buzzing, tingling, whirring, stomach rumbles may be heard (always a good sign that the treatment is working) but most commonly people feel like they are being soothed and surrounded by a big warm blanket.

The associated colour with this energy is gold – people may see this colour or they may see others, which may relate to the chakras where the energy is going to and working on (eg red for the root, orange for the sacral, yellow for the solar plexus, green for the heart, blue for the throat, purple for the third eye and violet for the crown).

Those who have received the energy have described it in various ways including ‘like a warm blanket or hug; very intense; comforting and soothing’.

The energy works on all levels, mental emotional physical and spiritual – whatever you need, you will get and you will not get any more than you can handle and you can never have too much.

Feedback for Angelic Energy Therapy

“Hi Emma..I’m back in work, feel a lot better…Can’t tell you how good I feel. Thanks so much for listening to me and all my wonderful treatments got me to where I am right now. Such a massive help, really supported me. I always ask the angels for help now I am a true believer ”

“was very relaxing and calming, can’t wait to hear of any updates and to go out and practise on people and animals’

“I really enjoyed the other evening and have used the angel energy on myself and distantly on family members and they’re actually speaking, hugging and have exchanged Christmas cards. So all in all RESULT….. Peace at last in the household. Thank you so much Emma.”

“soft energy, comfortable and warm feeling. Enjoyed experiencing the difference between AET and the Reiki healing”

“Lovely, very relaxing, the energy is strong but has a calming effect also, like[d] the small group – the room, nice energy”

[the energy] has a strength of its own, but not as dense as reiki”

Loved the energy, it’s a beautiful energy with a warm radiating feeling/flow. Amazing! Loved it!”