Psychic Development

Psychic development is all about learning to listen to ourselves, beginning to tune into ourselves, looking within too – we are the receiver, we are the sensors, so if we do not honour this to begin with we do not build a firm foundation for ourselves from which to grow and develop further. Ideally psychic development should lead us back to ourselves in terms of self and spiritual development. With psychic development, the most important thing is to pay close attention to your own senses and what feels right for you. It doesn’t matter one iota if someone has been doing this for years and is seemingly more experienced and knows more than you do, if it doesn’t feel right then it isn’t right for you! Getting attached to the outcome of psychic development can be a hindrance or become an obstacle in itself; seeing it as a by-product of the path of growth can help us to become less attached.

Ask many people of their experiences to gain more understanding then take the information of most meaning that you can relate to, that feels or sits right with you and see if does apply to you too. Put it into action, experience it and see if it works for you, if it doesn’t, then find another way, there are many paths up the same mountain. We are all different and due to differing perceptions we ‘see’ things differently, even if that’s on more of a physical basis such as what is red to one person is orange to another. Our mental processes and experiences will all affect what we perceive and how we perceive and/or ‘receive’ information. It’s not to say that another is wrong if they perceive things in a different way to us, they will likely be right for the experiences that they encounter, or want to encounter for their soul growth and these differences are all part of life’s rich tapestry.

A lot of psychic development focuses attention on opening up the third eve, but to see/feel/know and hear in a clear, balanced, rounded manner our focus should be on the development of all of the chakras as they all play a part in the reception of balanced psychic information. Starting with the root chakra where we build a firm solid foundation for ourselves, freeing ourselves from our fears, will give us the necessary grounded stable base from which to open up securely from. Grounding and protection are starting places for understanding psychic development.

Opening and closing the chakras (our energy centres which send and receive information) some find useful before each session, to cut down on the amount of psychic information and possibility of leaving oneself open to so called negative entities – it’s like switching off. It is worth noting if this does not work for you, that some people’s chakras are stuck open and looking at underlying psychological issues such as addressing fear may help the individual to ‘switch off’. Imagine firstly the root chakra looking like a bud which opens to reveal petals, then doing the same with the sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakra. After the session close down by imagining the reverse – that the petals are closing to a bud in the crown chakra, then the third eye is closing, then the throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root. Some may imagine the opening and closing of the chakras as an energy wind down or wind up; there are various methods and it is what works for you that is always the most effective.

Psychic senses are said to originate from the right side of the brain, the creative side and imagination is one step away from intuition. If your imagination is blocked, try creative activities – even scribbling and doodling or writing down everything that comes into your mind for 10 minutes. This may help to open you up, but also remember that development is a holistic process if it is to remain in balance – if you have any personal issues working on clearing those away can help clear the way for the psychic senses. Meditation is the key to quietening the mind so that we can see or hear those senses, and giving and receiving Reiki can also help with this as this can be a meditative process. Attunements to Reiki and other systems can help open up the chakras further for psychic development.

General Guidelines for Consideration

Above all, do no harm.

Set an intention that what you do and say be for the Highest Good of all; ask for the Highest Guidance.

Do not read another person unless they have asked you, this means don’t consciously look into them – it’s like looking in their bottom drawer when they haven’t given you permission. If you find yourself doing this around others self-healing may be of benefit, especially surrounding your root chakra (security and survival issues). If you receive psychic information about a person, eg it jumps out at you, asking the person first if they would like to know is an energetically kinder way to proceed, rather than just giving it. Not everyone wants to know what you’ve got and ‘telling’ them can violate someone’s boundaries. Be sensitive. To define anyone’s experience by the psychic information that you perceive can disempower them and fall into the realms of spiritual and psychic abuse, i.e. try not say to another ‘you are this…’ or ‘you are that…’. prefix with ‘I feel – or I think – that this is what is happening for you’. There is energetically a vast difference when owning what you perceive, rather than telling someone ‘what is so’. Another way of doing this is to ask it as a question, that way the person can decide whether they want to accept what you have said or not.

Know thyself. Ask yourself why you would like to develop psychically – look closely at your own power and control issues, especially relating to the Solar Plexus chakra, as this can relate to spiritual and psychic abuse and the misuse of power.

Do not do any psychic work under the influence of drugs or alcohol.