Spirit Guides

“We plant seeds of wonder”

Spirit guides are entities that exist on other planes and dimensions. They are essentially there to assist us, advise and guide us so that we may benefit from their wisdom, to help make our lives a little easier.

We may have many guides working with us at any one time, all with a different purpose. Each guide has a role according to their own interests, some are healers and help with that, either giving us healing or assisting us as channels for healing work.

Some act as gatekeepers assisting with our protection and keeping our boundaries clear. Other guides may specialise in our relationships, others in spiritual development, philosophy, science, music, horticultural, wood-workers – any number of things that we may be interested in and might require assistance with at the time.

There are also team-worker guides who are behind the scenes organising things for us, nudging us to try to make sure that we meet people at just the right time. There may be several instances orchestrated where this can occur around the same time, just in case we’re not `listening’ to prompts. There will be other’s that will be doing any number of things to organise and oversee our lives for us – should we desire their help. Loved ones that have passed over can work as guides, to a degree, depending on their consciousness and desire to do so. They might not always have the experience that our life-long guides do or the higher consciousness to see the bigger picture when advising on tough decisions, but they can still work with us and give us tip offs, such as ‘take this with you when you go and see so and so, they are in need of this at the moment’.

Some guides come and go as they are there to help us over particular hurdles during our lifetime and are with us for that short period. Others that have contracted with us before coming here can be with us for life. We can also share guides with our partners or friends, one guide working with both individuals for particular issues and with groups too, our soul groups, or development groups etc.

Experiences with guides can be as varied as we are ourselves – what we have read or have been told can colour our expectations and our life experiences so far. It is all relevant in helping us to build up a reality that we are comfortable with and our own truth and reality will not always be the same as another person’s. This does not mean that it is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ – it is always right for us at that particular point in time.

All we need do is ask for our guides help and inspiration and to be aware and open to receiving the inspiration and ideas that come along – which, although never harmful in nature, might not always be in the form that we may expect!

Just as we have a choice with friends and family, whether we take their advice or not, it’s the same with guides, only perhaps a little less strained when we don’t take their advice! Our guides will never tell us what to do; they are there to do just that, guide. They will not be offended if we do not take their advice because they respect that we have free will to do as we choose. Our guides do not punish us by going away, because they see what is going on beneath the surface of our actions and reactions, the reasons why we do certain things. Our guides are the ultimate in unconditional love and understanding and their main purpose is to lead us back to ourselves, to help us to increase and develop our consciousness and awareness.