Psychic & Intuitive Development

With 20 years of conscious psychic development experience (and natural experiences for 30+ years) I can help you to further notice, develop and strengthen your own intuitive & psychic skills. As you gain awareness you will deepen your understanding of your experiences. You may also receive energy during this session as I help to raise your vibrations. My intuition guides me to empower you and reflect back your own questions and recognise your insights, so that you find your own answers to strengthen your intuition.

This works best on a focused, regular basis. Book in for 1 session to see if we can work together or take advantage of the offer straight away.

One to One Intuitive & Psychic Mentoring £45 per hour or buy 5 get one free

Intuitive and Psychic Development Courses

Psychic Development 10 week course

‘You have to work out what it means to you’

How can you develop your psychic senses? What are our psychic senses? We all have this ability, come and find out how to encourage yours

On this course you will learn:

  • Ethics
  • Grounding, protection and meditation
  • The psychic chakras plus opening and closing them
  • How you receive information: clairvoyance, clairsentieince, clairaudience, claircognisance
  • Crystal care and tuning in
  • Psychometry, tea leaf reading, intuitive oracle card reading, automatic handwriting, channelling, mediumship

You will need a journal to make note of your experiences. An a4 ring binder and plastic sleeves. Optional: your own crystals, oracle cards, pendulum –  some Can be provided.

Recommended reading The Psychic Bible by Jane Struthers.

Trust your Intuition 1 day (6 hours)

Ever had a niggling feeling about something, didn’t listen to it, then later found that you were right? With practical exercises, including grounding, this 1 day workshop helps you to understand your intuition. During this workshop we look at barriers to listening, what intuition is (and what it isn’t), how we receive intuitive information and techniques such as meditation and mindfulness to help us to tune in and strengthen our intuition.

Trust your Intuition and Build your Confidence – 2 hours

Have you ever had one of those moments where you knew something was going to happen but you didn’t listen to yourself? ‘You’re going to drop the cup!’ our intuition may tell us, but we carry on and sure enough we drop it and say to ourselves ‘I knew that was going to happen!’ Learning to listen to and trust our intuition can help us to feel more confident in ourselves. But why don’t we listen to ourselves? During this workshop we look at barriers to listening, what intuition is (and what it isn’t) and techniques such as meditation and mindfulness to help us to tune in to our intuition.

Meet Your Spirit Guide Workshop

‘We plant seeds of wonder’

Ever wondered who your spirit guide might be? Ever wondered what a spirit guide is? This workshop aims to help you to understand more about your spirit guide and how you can connect to them.

The workshop includes:

  • What are spirit guides? And who they are not!
  • Signs of guidance
  • Meeting our guides
  • Feeling comfortable
  • When our guides aren’t around

The workshop includes a booklet and certificate of attendance