The Clairs

The Clairs come from the French word meaning ‘clear’. They are the associated psychic senses which link with some of our physical senses, such as seeing and hearing.

Clairvoyance — clear seeing

Clairaudience — clear hearing

Clairsentience — clear feeling

Claircognisance — clear knowing

Clairaugustance — clear taste

Clairolfactance — clear smell

They are the method by which we receive our psychic information and relate closely to the opening of various chakras. Much attention to paid to the opening of the third eye chakra to develop our sense of clairvoyance, but the development of all chakras are important for the healthy functioning and opening of this and the other chakras. If the other chakras are not functioning well, then the information received at the third eye will be affected.

Many people may find that they are not limited to just one of the Clairs, that they receive the psychic information that they get by using a variety of the chakras, such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognisance – just as we may use a variety of our senses when interacting physically with someone who is standing in front of us. We see them, we hear them, we may feel them and we know that they are there (or do we?!)  


Precognition is where we have a clear sense (clairsentience), perhaps a gut feeling, a vision (clairvoyance) or we just know (claircognisance) or we ‘hear’ (clairaudience) that something is going to happen in the future in advance of it happening. We have knowledge of it happening before it does. This should not be confused with telepathy, where we may be thinking about a person and then they ring or just turn up. If they were thinking about us i.e. they have set an intention to phone us or to come and see us, this is a mental connection, picking up on their wavelength and thoughts which are bounding around there in the atmosphere, rather than precognition.

Pre-cognition may involve a very detailed picture of what is going to happen on the path ahead. Sometimes very clear warnings can be heard, where the person experiencing precognition is not left in any doubt that they should not take that path (this could be the voice of our soul or Higher Self guiding us).

A common example of precognition is an immediate prediction that ‘they won’t last long’ of a relationship. How do we know?

During readings precognition for others may include information which makes more sense for the person being read for as it occurs in the future.