Fear and Psychic Development

Many people on the psychic development path can initially feel a bit spooked, our fear of the unknown can often be just that, and dark imaginations can run rampant when we don’t yet understand and have a feel for how things work. Perhaps our fear has some practical applications, when we have fear it is our natural protection and stops us walking before we can run — until it begins to hold us back from doing things that we want to do. Gradually as we come to understand more, it begins to dissolve somewhat and this is done by bringing our fears into the light, into the open, for healing — when we are ready and not before. It can often be the case with spiritual work that ‘the only thing we have to fear is fear itself’. I think we naturally know when it is time for us to face our fears, rather than anyone else pushing us to do so.

Much of our fear is exacerbated by society, ‘don’t do this’, you ‘ought’ to do that, you ‘should’ do this, we all do it from time to time, if only to ourselves. We often unknowingly take away our own ability to choose and also the choice of others by ‘telling them what to do’, and thus we also take away our freedom which comes from acknowledging that we all have a choice and every choice is valid and ok for that particular person upon their path.

What do you want to do?

Religion has often been seen as using fear as a tool to control the masses, because fear is an easy way to control others, it’s a useful tool to manipulate others for those who wish to do so. With the introduction of ‘the devil’ and ‘hell’, it certainly has served its purpose at keeping people in their place. Hell is symbolic to me, rather than actual; hell is a state of mind. It can be heaven or hell here on earth, depending on our very perception and the way that we choose to look at things and process them.

The dramatic misrepresentation of the actual ‘reality’ of the psychic and spiritual realms, through TV and films, hasn’t done much to allay the fears of those who might be interested in developing their psychic abilities. Ghosts and ghouls do not come accompanied with squeaky violins to pique our fear; ultimately we only have to contend with our own squeaky fearful head voice droning on with ‘what if’s’. It is again more about control of the mind, literally getting a grip and not energising any negative entities by buying into their reality with our own fear!

On a physical level, undoubtedly ‘bad’ things happen in life and I don’t feel that it should be denied either, feelings are there to be acknowledged, but then there comes a time when instinctively we may feel that Now is the right time to move on from nurturing our wounds. It’s how we choose to view what is happening that can turn us from victim into survivor.

Creative minds may have more problems with phobias and fear, because our thoughts can run away with us. Often we extrapolate the ‘what if’s’, and our dark imaginations run off into the future rather than staying balanced in the Now, or the present. This is one of the keys with fear, to aim to deal with it as and when it happens. Meditation and focus can help us to stay with positive thoughts in the Now, if the thoughts of the future or past are unrealistically fearful and negative. ‘I Am the Silver Violet Fire, I AM the purity God desires’ is a mantra which when repeated and focused upon, enables not much else to be thought —whenever the thoughts stray bring them back to the mantra. Practising Grounding and Protection exercises can enable us to take control of the psychic development process.

If feeling under psychic attack the mantra ‘Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish, Adonai Sabeyoth’ (Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God of Hosts) may help. If you feel something negative around you, send it away firmly with love — they have to go. They have to leave — just get into your heart centre and push away with love; it’s very effective. You can also call upon Archangel Michael for protection.

Repeating things like this can help us stay focused on the light, by feeling more in control —because when we ‘think’ about the dark stuff and go into fear with it, we are giving energy to the dark. If we think through things that we are fearful of when we feel calmer, we may be able to make more sense of them, rather than when we’re likely to get carried away and scare ourselves silly! It’s like watching a horror film during the day rather than at night! If you are feeling very upset about something and not feeling good in yourself to begin with it is advisable to not even consider doing any psychic work. When we’re upset, we are more open and naturally more vulnerable to having our own dark thoughts to contend with —which may attract a ‘shadow mirror’ of ourselves on the spiritual and the physical plane. So work to address the fears that are apparent and have surfaced to be addressed, on a physical level first, so that they can be transmuted, and only when feeling stronger do the psychic work.

The Law of Attraction shows us that ultimately everything that we encounter on our path is like a mirror to show us more about ourselves and what is within us, so that we can see. The dark side comes from our own fear and we all have our shadow stuff, we may generally be very good people but there may be the odd condition that we put upon others. When we’re defensive or angry, if we trace it back it’s because at root we’re fearful, we thus need love —love is empowering and fear is paralysing. Sometimes, when we choose to spread fear, we can be saying to another, ‘I don’t think I could handle it so I don’t think you can either’ and here perhaps we either have to see beyond ourselves and recognise the strength within another and ourselves, that we often can cope, it’s just we may ‘think’ that we can’t. I sometimes think that it is quite ironic that healers may spread the fear, by overly paying attention to ‘what is wrong’ with another, rather than seeing ‘what is right’. Ultimately what is more empowering, healing and uplifting to another?

The ego is the part of us that is derived from fear — whether that be a feeling of being better than another, or ‘not good enough’, it’s still said to come from the ego and doesn’t necessarily have to be about ‘being big-headed’. We often compare ourselves to another and as we’re learning, it’s natural to do so to help us to get our whereabouts and attain some sort of quantifiable measure of ourselves, such as where do our talents lie. We might then come to a point where we begin to see that by comparing ourselves in certain ways such as ‘quantities’ and value judgements like ‘more talented’, we separate from others. If we are all One, then comparing may put us in a competitive, ‘us and them’ situation, thus disconnecting us from each other. Another way of looking at it is that we are all unique and it just is.

With psychic development, very often the only thing we really do have to fear, is fear itself —the path can mirror back to us our own issues if we pay attention and bring them back to ourselves by asking, ‘what’s it all about for me?’. Then we grow. A common unconscious fear for people is not having control but by bringing it back to ourselves we begin to take control and responsibility of ourselves. The more synchronicity we experience and the more faith and trust we develop in a Higher Power, it then becomes easier to see that our Higher Power does know more than us and we can let go and stop controlling. At this point we begin to notice there is less fear. We may begin to see the potential silver lining in the clouds and how we can turn round many situations which at first seem ‘bad’ into something that really has been of positive benefit to us in our growth.