Clairsentience means clear feeling which is linked with the sacral chakra.

When we are in tune with our physical body, and our emotions and feelings, we may receive information clairsentiently and this links very closely with empathy (in the psychic sense of the word).

So what do clairsentients experience? It can mean that there is a sensitivity to atmospheres or an awareness of what a person might be experiencing or feeling without them expressing it verbally, for example happiness, sadness or anger. This does not have to happen face to face, it can be experienced over distance.

To convey their presence, spirit may sometimes convey their touch clairsentiently to a medium or perhaps the condition from which they have passed over may be impressed upon the medium. Some people experience their hair being stroked and a sense of comfort from this. The presence of love that we may feel clairsentiently is very reassuring, experiences that might sound rather bizarre or spooky, do not feel frightening at all when the energies that we encounter are positive. When spirit are around, we may get a sensation of creeping tingles and prickles which indicate that spirit are at the edges of the aura, there may be a feeling that the hair is standing on end, goosebumps, or chills down the spine, or a tingling or coldness on the cheek. Sometimes there can be the presence of intense heat (Archangel Michael’s energy can be like searing heat), other times spirit may convey their presence with intense cold.

Other physical sensations can be experienced by the reader when people come for readings, such as a slight headache, clumsiness, a pain in a certain area and on enquiry the person that we are connecting with, or someone that is close to them, can be experiencing an issue with this.

An odd sensation of having walked through someone can be the physical sensation of spirit encounter in, for instance, a building where spirit are active. This feels like a wave of strong energy/ resistance washing through the physical body and sometimes can be experienced as overwhelming dizziness.

Sensitivity to atmospheres and energy are a component of clairsentience and the highly sensitive person may be experiencing clairsentience without being aware that they are. Clairsentience and empathy (in the psychic sense of the word) are often experienced by energy workers, such as Reiki Practitioners. Clairsentients and empaths can be like sponges. If someone is not owning their behaviour, or in touch with it, then that behaviour is not ‘attached’ to them (or integrated energetically) and is still out there as free-floating energy which can be picked up on and absorbed. If someone comes for a reading who is putting a brave face on but feeling very tearful underneath (eg not owning their emotion, not integrating it), then the clairsentient may soak it up and tears may come into their eyes – acknowledging this sadness openly can help with this, by saying, ‘I feel sad when I hear you say that’.

Looking at physical boundaries on the earth plane, such as enmeshed boundaries, can help to understand clairsentience if you experience a lot of difficulty coping emotionally. I recommend a book by Anne Kathrine called Boundaries ‘Where you end and I begin’.

For more information and for help developing clairsentience see the Psychic Development Course