Spirit Realms

Image depicting the body with spirit emerging

In spirit, everything is pure energy, rather than the density and solidity of the material world that we see and experience around us now; in spirit everything flows. It’s my belief that when we pass over we begin to see with clarity the impact of our thoughts and feelings and how they affect things instantaneously – in spirit no sooner is it thought, then it is done. In spirit things happen much faster in the blink of an eye, whereas the density of the Earth plane slows everything down.

The earth plane takes on a form of slow motion so that we may experience such qualities as patience, which ultimately raises our vibrations and enriches our soul. The earth plane gives us the illusion of time, when in ultimate reality all time is multi-layered; all time is Now. Time is merely an illusion or tool to help us to anchor and pin things down, to provide comparisons so that we can grasp them in a fuller, more embodied context in this material reality. Perhaps the partial remembrance of how everything happens in spirit, just like that, in an instant, is what motivates us to rush around on the earth plane feeling that we have so little time. Paradoxically, when we learn to stop and slow down through meditation, this is when we really start to remember, and this remembrance can help us to cut corners and speed things up! It also explains why some of us feel so impatient and want things immediately or expect that things will happen instantaneously, because no sooner is it thought in spirit it becomes a reality. Some people may find that they wish to get from a to b in an instant which could be said to be the distant echo of other realities where this is normal practise. In spirit, we only have to think and we can be there instantaneously — and we can gain some understanding of how this can be when we experience the sending and receiving of distance healing. How do we know what is happening with another person over a distance?

When we pass over, I believe that we go through a period of acclimatisation and adjustment, much like settling into a new area when we’ve moved house, becoming familiar with our new surroundings and the people there. In spirit communication is via telepathy and sensing energy. There are no names, we recognise others via their ‘energy signatures’, taking in the whole of them and everything about them, taking in who they are all at once. During this period of acclimatisation we are also shown the reality of what we have done in our lives and how others have responded to this – we are not judged, merely shown.

Our ‘thoughts’ and feelings that we project in spirit make up our reality there, what we think we create – as it does here on earth if we slow down enough to stop and see the realities that are beneath the surface of what we create for ourselves. What we see around us, often what we see in others, is the image or projection of who we really are. As this quote by Judge Harold Medina illustrates: “Criticizing others is a dangerous thing, not so much because you may make mistakes about them, but because you may be revealing the truth about yourself “

The world of spirit is able to communicate with those open and sensitive enough via various modes such as telepathy and by ‘pulling our strings’. We have nadis, or meridians — our energy veins — which run through our body and through our aura. To communicate with us, in order that we may sense, one mode of communication is to pluck these energy veins in the aura – which is much like playing a musical instrument. Ever wondered why people feel like a puppet on a string? How do we get that feeling that someone has walked over our gave? Many people when sensing spirit get a coldness, a tingle or a chill.

Once passed over, spirits aren’t there to judge us as they may have done on earth, because after their acclimatisation they have the understanding of the full picture, they can see how difficult it can be to live on this earth plane. So don’t worry about Aunt Ada seeing you doing this or that, any guilt or unease that we have about what they may see within our lives is our stuff to work out for ourselves, rather than anything they might be thinking. They come with love and, as a client so eloquently once said, they give ‘heart hugs’.