Protection is a psychic boundary or barrier which we can visually or mentally construct, in order to deflect or keep out negative energy from our aura. Some people say that not protecting ourselves psychically is similar to leaving the backdoor to our house wide open for all and sundry to walk in. Protection is the psychic equivalent of creating healthy emotional boundaries within relationships. Saying ‘No’ or ‘Enough is enough’ to perceived negative energies, also gives us good practise on more tangible levels of relating, such as helping us to become more assertive in our daily life. If you are naturally sensitive to energy; if you have ever felt yourself feeling sick or dizzy very suddenly, uncomfortable, angry or frightened for no apparent reason (especially in a place which is said to be haunted or you feel ‘has heavy vibes’ – after taking responsibility for your own thoughts and emotions), then a protection procedure may empower you. Feeling frightened at the thought of ghosts or spirits but knowing you are now able to do something about it can provide inner reassurance and empowerment. A protection exercise is a step that you can take to regain internal control.

Methods of Protection

Protection exercises can be used whenever you open up to do any psychic work such as readings, when doing healing work, when you are meditating, when you are on the internet and when you are out in busy or crowded places such as the supermarket. You may find that your protection needs to be replenished and re-visualised regularly.

A traditional and most popular method of protection involves surrounding yourself in a white bubble. After grounding yourself, imagine a column of white light which is streaming down from Source and flowing through the top of your head (the crown chakra). As it flows through your body cleansing, purifying and instantly transmuting any negativity, it flows out through all your body and all of the chakras, cleaning them too, and out through the pores of the skin until it forms a white bubble around you. You are now protected. It may take a while for you to visualise initially, but once you are familiar with the process, it takes seconds to do. A quick method is to just visualise yourself in a white bubble straight away, which can trap unshed negativity in there too, but prevents you from taking on more.

Negative Entities

If you feel the presence of what you perceive as a negative entity, you can call upon Archangel Michael, your Guardian Angels and or your spirit guides for extra protection (mostly, they cannot intervene unless we ask). Firmly, but lovingly send the entity away with respect, tell them firmly to leave (do not ask) — know that it is done and immediately refocus on and pay attention to something else. Do not attempt to communicate or engage with them; do not ask them why they are there etc. Engaging, via communication can feed and give power to the negative energy.

Know that this power is within you, we all have it within us to do this. They have to leave — unless on some level, for instance via a soul choice, you have subconsciously drawn this expenence towards you to learn from. Be assured that within that experience Archangel Michael will watch over you and you can call on his guidance or that of your spirit guides to assist you; we only get what we can handle. Archangel Michael may inspire you with suitable steps to take. If you feel afterwards that you might have sent away a guide, do not be concerned, they lovingly know why we do the things that we do and they understand and respect our choices and decisions and understand where we’re at.

To protect or not to protect?

There is another train of thought which is the ‘no protection’ method. The premise with this is ‘Why do we need to be protected? If we believe that there is a need to be protected are we focusing on negative energies within our personal reality and therefore manifesting them and inviting them towards us?’ This works on the principal called the Law of Attraction: that we create our own reality and what we pay attention to, we attract towards us. The no protection approach demands genuinely strong boundaries, genuine purity of thought and a strong faith through experience – how many of us honestly have that? Bravado can tempt us to put up a false front or veneer of denial, with thoughts such as, I don’t believe things like that exist so I’ll be fine’ yet underneath there may be a niggling fear or doubt which eats away at us ‘could there be something out there which I could attract from a client which could effect me?’ If this is the case, it may be worth protecting ourselves, because in doing so, we are also empowering our self.

Our natural protection is apparent when we compare how our body feels when we are ‘open’ compared to when we are ‘closed’. When we are open we may be relaxed, warm, empathic, engaged, accepting, permissive, revealing, honest, expansive, receptive, curious, intrigued, exposed, porous, vulnerable, accessible or available. When we are ‘closed’ we may be withdrawn, stubborn, sceptical, obstructive, conditional, distant, inflexible, impermeable, dogmatic, rigid, oppressive, controlling, blocked, secretive or with-holding. There are different levels of openness along the spectrum between open and closed, such as the doubting believer and the open minded sceptic and all is right for where we’re at, being closed can be an intuitive decision to protect ourselves against actual harm. When we are open to something we are more likely to take it on board, when we are closed our energy naturally deflects outer experiences.

The ultimate protection is love and acceptance. Love energetically melts negativity which comes from fear (the opposite to love). It follows that when we are operating from a place of unconditional love, we are protected, as the energy that emanates from us can naturally deflect or transmutes the negative. Remaining centred and being in a place of unconditional love and acceptance is something few of us are able to achieve consistently, try as we might. It is also a process of self-development which involves learning to love, accept and respect ourselves. If you do feel in ‘need’ of protection, addressing your inner fears on the mental level, will certainly be of benefit on the spiritual levels too.

When it doesn’t work

Protecting ourselves does not mean that we can protect ourselves from our own perception, or that nothing ‘bad’ will ever happened to us again. ‘Bad’ is a matter or perception and we can take ‘good’ out of those bad experiences by beginning to look at and understand what we have learnt from those experiences which will benefit us, and perhaps others, in the present and in the future. You may also want to consider that when your protection fails there may be something for you to learn within that. It’s all experience which may help us to understand something at a deeper level and frequently it is more likely that many of these occurrences fall within the realms of our own self-development and awareness. It may be time to look within at our shadow self.

If you find that protection isn’t working for you then you could look at other methods of protecting yourself. You may benefit from looking at your boundaries if you find it hard to say no to people, or if you find it difficult to receive things from people. If your sensitivity (including psychic sensitivity) has opened up through trauma or abuse, you may be lacking the emotional protection of healthy boundaries and may need to seek help from a counsellor or someone qualified in this area (see links section). You may benefit from using some aura strengthening exercises, such as connective therapy, to seal any holes in your aura which could be attracting negativity towards you. Please contact me to arrange a session. A further page about additional methods of psychic protection is coming soon.

There are a few seemingly conflicting theories about psychic protection, and whether we should protect ourselves or not. I feel that there’s validity in both depending on where we are at with our development and also with regard our personal beliefs. It is a matter of personal choice whether you decide to protect or not, as always go with what feels right for you. If you are new to psychic development, I recommend that you protect yourself.