Holistic Consultation

Optimise your well-being

This service may be suitable for you if you feel that you need support and to talk in more detail about lifestyle factors, mental and emotional factors and how they are affecting you right now. Particularly at this time as many of us are understandably struggling with fear, anxiety, self-isolation issues and the knock-on affects of that, I am here to listen.

A Holistic Consultation

Tailored to your needs, it’s your call. What do you need more help with at this current time? Sessions are conducted in person or via skype, zoom, Facetime or on the phone for 30 mins or an hour. We will fill in a consultation form to help me understand you better. During the time you may want to discuss some or any of the following:

  • The impact of the corona virus on your current physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing at this time
  • Diet, nutrition, healthy eating and mindful eating
  • Complementary healthtips such as safe use of essential oils for health and wellbeing
  • Relaxation, meditation and mindfulness. We can record a tailored session for you to do in your own time.
  • Your sleep patterns and holistic tips to help you sleep better
  • Distant healing and energy therapy work to help with blocks in your energy field and chakras
  • Techniques to deal with spiritual crisis or awakenings
  • Grounding techniques for anxiety, depression and mental and emotional overwhelm

Discussions may include your mental and emotional wellbeing at this time, the impact of corona virus, your daily self-care strategies and blocks to that well-being, how much sleep you get, your past and present circumstances, the stress and tension in your life, nutritional imbalances in your diet and easy steps to work with that, eating psychology and mindful eating, how hydrated you are, physical symptoms such as pain, the amount of exercise you are able to take or not, whether you are struggling to give up smoking or alcohol, symptoms of spiritual or kundalini awakening or something else. These are all factors which can effect your present level of health and may benefit from being addressed holistically, as well as or alongside any conventional treatment you are receiving. 

During the session I can help you with some relaxation (and meditation) techniques which may help ease tension and anxiety. When we are more relaxed the body can come back to a better state of health and functioning. A meditation can be tailored specifically to you and recorded for your use. The body is better able to support itself when relaxed, and this is where Holistic Therapies come in to their own. 

Holistic Therapies take into account the whole of the person with the aim of bringing that person back into a state of balance and harmony. Multiple factors may play a part in ill health on a physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual level. It may be that if you are experiencing problems on a few of these levels that you feel you would benefit from having some more time to chat about these than is possible during usual treatment times.

Some people experience a variety of symptoms which have been checked by their health care provider (GP or Consultant, optician etc). Tests may have proved inconclusive or there may be no more that the medical profession can do, or they may not be able to find out what is wrong. In this situation people often turn to self-help but are not sure how to proceed. I will fill in a confidential consultation form with you, in person or online to better understand you. This may help you to find out about treatment options are available to you if you feel stuck and what self-help books may help, The goal is to help you to find out what feels right for you.   

Holistic Therapies work alongside conventional treatments and can provide support for chronic or terminal illnesses and this may also be discussed, as well as other treatments that you are already having or those that you may have questions about. It may even be that from this discussion that you may benefit from another therapy, for example osteopathy, a nutritionist, physiotherapy, homeopathy, sports massage or exercise referral.

Please note a Holistic Consultation is not counselling. It is a good opportunity to talk in greater depth and I am trained to a good level of counselling, but I am not a fully qualified counsellor. I am also currently on a life coaching course. The sessions focus on your holistic well-being, as I listen to you and enable you to find steps and ideas that are do-able for you. We work together to find your own answers (not mine!) During the session we may look at your sleep, exercise motivation, nutrition, mindful eating, do some energy therapy work, or a guided meditation which can be recorded for your use, after or in between sessions…it’s your call!

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“Hi Emma..I’m back in work, feel a lot better…Can’t tell you how good I feel. Thanks so much for listening to me and all my wonderful treatments got me to where I am right now. Such a massive help, really supported me ”

“Dear Emma, I am taking a moment of reflection watching loads of little birds on my table and thinking of you. I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your support and guidance throughout the past year. I have enjoyed all of your treatments and look forward to exploring new ones in the new year. You really are a special person and I hold you close to my heart. Since my last visit I have had a huge release and have finally come to terms with many issues. It is all down to you and me for taking on board you inspiration!”

“Emma has a very calming, relaxed approach to all aspects of her work. She has a wealth of knowledge which is very reassuring and comforting. I would highly recommend Emma’s treatments and workshops to anyone interested in Holistic Therapies”