Online Booking

I am open again for face to face treatments. It’s great to see clients again and lovely to see them relaxing and benefiting from the therapies.

if you would prefer to still stay at home services provided online via Skype, Zoom or telephone are Holistic Consultations, Distance Reiki, Diamond Energy Therapy, Angelic Energy Therapy, Soul Readings and Energy Therapy. Others may be available on request such as some distant learning options..

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CoVID Information

This following information is for your information, I will talk you through the practical procedures when I see you.

1.      After your booking,  I will confirm your appointment. 

2.       Please do not come for your appointment if you have any symptoms of Covid. I will inform you if I have. There is no charge for cancellation, we will reschedule.

 3.       Please complete the email health screening form and take a photo of your signature and send it with you as consent to your treatment.

4.       Please also bring water if you feel you may need a drink after your treatment and any tissues.

5.       Public toilets at the centre are closed still. You will not be able to use those facilities to go to the toilet. Hand sanitiser will be provided.

6.       Please make sure that you have showered before your appointment

7.       Text me when you arrive and stay in your car in the car park. I will collect you at your appt time. I usually run on time. I will take your temperature before entering the therapy room by the side door.

 8.       Please do not touch the door as you come in the room

9.       Please sanitise your hands when you arrive

 10.   I will leave the room for you to disrobe (or stand behind the screen). Please leave your underwear including your socks on (bring a pair with you). Put your shoes and clothes in the box provided. I will remove your socks once you are on the bed

11.   Make yourself comfortable on the bed as usual

12.   After your treatment, I will leave the room and wash my hands. Please place your covering towel in the linen bin provided and get dressed

13.   Please inform me if you come down with any of the symptoms of covid, within 7 days of your treatment.

Also for your information: 

Laundry (& rubbish) is double bagged for each client and washed at 60c. The room and floor will be steam cleaned every night.

Therapist’s hands are washed after and before each treatment. I will also be washing my hands before and after making the bed. The therapy bed and room surfaces including door handles will be disinfected after each client, bedding changed and my hands rewashed. Aromatherapy oils have natural antiviral and antibacterial qualities and they will be aerating the room via an aromatiser, but 20 mins between each client will be left for extra time for disinfect.

I will be wearing a face shield. If either of us needs to sneeze, please make the other aware and sneeze into arm crook or a tissue and we will immediately resanitise hands  

If you want to wear a mask you are welcome to bring one.