Spiritual Development Articles

Spirituality can include a religious view, or may take inspiration from nature, meditation or ‘the universe’. Spirituality is what is meaningful for us, there are many paths up the same mountain. When we focus on what is meaningful for us, then we begin to find our own truth. Spirituality often includes a feeling or a sense of connectedness with the universe, nature, other people, a Higher/Divine Power/God/Love, an awareness of our essence or spirit and a desire to ‘do the right thing’ by others and our Self . ‘Doing the right thing’ is not always easy and some of the obstacles and challenges that we may encounter upon our path are discussed here in this section, including:

Peak experiences and Awakenings

Unconditional Love




Being in the K(Now)

Genuineness and Authenticity

The Wounded Healer

Restoring Personal Power

False Power and Love

The Ego and the Higher Self

Only When You Truly…

Hidden Moments in Time

The beauty of a sunset can be awe inspiring; nature at its best. Reminding us that without dark there would be no appreciation of the light – and dark is merely absence of light. Showing respect for the earth and our environment may acknowledge that everything has a spirit.

There is more than one way up a mountain
The scent and the colour of bluebells on a spring day can be truly inspirational. The colour blue also relates to truth, perhaps a search for our personal truth.
Blue also relates to the throat chakra and expressing ourselves.