Grounding is earthing our energy, allowing us to come back down to earth – getting out of our heads (or out of the clouds) and back into our bodies. Grounding can help us to become more centred within ourselves. It enables us to take in information, make sense of it and process it better – i.e. we learn better. It is important in enabling us to collect our energy and use it in a focused way in the present, rather than being scattered elsewhere in the past or in the future.

Someone who is grounded is ‘down to earth’, and speaks common sense; they are actively in the process of ‘making sense’ out of that which may at first seem unfamiliar, irrational or illogical. They are fully present behind their eyes. If someone is too open, their energy circuits (chakras, meridians or nadis) can become overloaded with energy. When there is a high degree of energy or stimulation coming in, in relation to that which is expended, grounded or processed, it can cause burn out or the individual to feel overwhelmed – because it’s ‘too much’. It can literally ‘blow the mind’, and the ‘energy circuits’ may feel frazzled or wide open. Shock, trauma, abuse, excessive stimulation (teasing, being ‘wound up’) and being subjected to repeated fear can have this effect on the energy body. People may say they feel as if they have a ‘holes’ in them. Grounding is connected to the root chakra, which relates to inner security and a sense of survival, and also to the feet chakras (which allow us to ‘move forward’ at a steady pace instead of staying frozen in fear or running away). When we are grounded we may feel plugged in’, with a slightly magnetic pull/feeling which connects us to the earth.

Grounding Exercise

To ground yourself, place both feet flat on the ground. Imagine that there are roots growing out of your feet, and see these roots from your feet going down into the centre of the earth acting as your anchor, like the roots of a tree. Imagine the roots go down into the centre of the earth and are wrapping around a crystal of your choice. Take a deep breath and as you breathe out, feel the energy from your head and the upper part of your body sinking down your body and out of your feet. Feel your feet! Practise this exercise as a daily routine. You may also want to check your grounding if you feel angry, upset, excited, worried or physically unbalanced. After some time (it can take a long time for some) you may notice that your feet be* to tingle and you experience a magnetic pull, as if you are being glued to the earth through the soles of your feet. If you don’t feel a difference by doing this exercise, keep practising or try some of the other grounding activities at the end of this article.

Why do we become ungrounded?

Fear — shock, trauma, fear, emotional distress and physical pain can be very ungrounding. When we are frightened and would prefer to be somewhere else, we can become disconnected and ungrounded. We may feel as if we have left our bodies or we’re having an out of body experience. Becoming ungrounded can be a defence mechanism to help us to cope with difficult situations — it is a form of protection. Practicing grounding can help us face our fears when we feel ready to do so.

Excess energy — insights and realisations can generate further energy — the light bulb moments of a dawning realisation can be electric so that we literally are buzzing’. ‘Sparking’, can occur when two people on the same wavelength get together and ‘join forces’. The resultant energy can be synergistic which is why psychic development is enhanced in pairs or groups and also why it is important that a group leader remains adequately grounded in order to contain the energy of a group lest it become chaotic.

Procrastination — can cause us to become ungrounded, if we aren’t taking action by acting on thoughts and ideas that we are having. Action has a grounding effect as it brings into manifestation what begins at the mental level into the material level, a substantial level. When we meet someone who is unable to convey their truth at a simple level, it can be because they have yet to ground and fully understand the information themselves yet, possibly via practical application and experience. A very simple example for instance, is the grounding action of the thought that ‘we need some milk’. Starting as a thought, we then take action and go and get some. Milk ‘miraculously’ materialises into our reality, at an accessible level which others may be more readily relate to – the energy is put into action, it is substantiated. In this way, our truth is materialised. By endeavouring to walk the talk we begin to hilly realise our aspirations.

Other Grounding Activities

Activities which help you to ‘get back into our body’ are grounding exercises, those that help to cultivate an integrated awareness of the experience of both our physical and mental being.

Crystals — holding or carrying a crystal that you feel drawn to such as black tourmaline, black obsidian, red jasper, aragonite, smoky quartz, hematite, boji stones, and bloodstone.

Gardening — by doing so excess energy is released back into the soil which will benefit the plants too – this is probably why some people are green fingered. Feel the energy flowing down into the earth with the intention that it is healing the earth and plants. As you are gardening and handling plants, consciously let the energy flow out of your fingers and into the plants — feel the earth beneath your feet as you walk.

Resting, ‘being’ — picture the person who is scurrying around, haphazardly, doing one thing after another, flitting here and there on overdrive like a busy bee with little time to collect themselves and little time to think about or process what they have done (and who probably can’t sleep at night as a consequence). Taking the time to stop and ‘just be’ during the day can help us to integrate and ground the experiences which we have and may help with sleep at night too. Allow yourself 15 minutes of conscious ‘thinking/processing’ time, whilst being, may allow for integration and grounding during the day. See meditation section.

Walking in nature is very grounding, feeling each step beneath the feet connecting with the earth below. Walking barefoot enhances this connection and walking in general can help us to become more grounded, even if it is just walking around a room. We can do a walking meditation, walking slowly and connecting each footstep with an inhale and exhale of the breath, consciously feel the energy drain out of your feet as you exhale the breath.

Exercise —running, aerobics, yoga, dancing, swimming etc

Stamping your feet — literally, this can help to waken up the chakras on the feet and a simple exercise to suggest to someone who may be ungrounded after a treatment.

Eating and drinking — fasting can help to raise the vibrations. If we are not fasting and our vibrations are high enough for what we need at that particular time, we may find that we feel very hungry and feel the need for food to help us ground. Red meat is thought to lower our vibrations, so this can be effective for grounding; some may crave high carbohydrate foods as its thought that energy work bums carbohydrates. Others crave chocolate. If you can’t afford to put on weight, try some other methods — and try drinking some water as dehydration can cause hunger pangs, energy work can be very thirsty work!

Cooking — kneading dough etc

Colours — Wearing black, brown, or red clothes can help with grounding; some even find purple a grounding colour.

Cultivating an equal left-right brain balance may also help us to ground. If you’re quite creative and apt to ‘go off on one’, something which engages your logic, the left side of the brain, such as a game of soduku, may help you to re-balance.

Signs that we may not be grounded

Certain medical conditions can cause similar symptoms, if in doubt about your physical condition, consult your healthcare provider.

Physical signs — unsteadiness, clumsiness, dizziness, dropping things, falling over, hunger, cravings, headaches, weight gain.

Mental signs — head in the clouds, dizziness, flighty, unfocused, overwhelmed, lapses in concentration, dissociation, dreamy, easily influenced by others, unable to stand our ground and assert boundaries, scattered, forgetful, lack of understanding, repeating ourselves, lack of focus, inattention.

Emotional signs — anxious, fearful, hyper, highly excitable, mood swings, emotional outbursts such as anger or tears.

Spiritual signs — lack of concrete evidence or experience to fully explain what we are trying to communicate, lack of intuition, weak connection to the Divine, lack of faith, disconnected.

When someone is ungrounded there is often a lightness or thinness to the voice which seems to be coming from, or ‘off the top of the head’, as the energy is more likely to be focused in the head area (‘head in the clouds’). When grounded, the voice sounds fully rounded, or full bodied as if speaking from the centre of their being or from the heart. If we are grounded and centred and able to remain in this place the heart chakra begins to open up further to allow for greater compassion.