Clairaudience is the psychic sense of clear hearing which is linked to the throat chakra. 

At a basic level Clairaudience involves listening – often this can mean listening to ourselves. How many of us truly listen to ourselves? When we have a problem, we may run the problem over and over in our minds, but not think to `ask’ for the solution – then pausing and taking the time to listen. Asking questions in the mind such as, ‘what is the best way forward with this?’, then taking the time to stop to listen to our inner response, can help with the development of clairaudience.

Our attention can be brought to clairaudience when we may think that someone has called our name but no one was there, or no one around us says that they have called us, some say that this is the beginning of contact with our guides -but as always it’s working out what it means to you. If spirit are around you may feel a shift in the vibration around you, as if a guide is moving into your aura to make their presence known. As we learn to trust our clairaudience, it starts to open us up to hearing the vibration of other voices, which eventually leads to clear hearing.

As clairaudience develops we may start to hear subtle nuances in the voices of other people around us. We begin to hear with more clarity their pitch and tone, whereabouts they are coming from as they speak – are they seem to speaking from their heart, from their head. We might be able to tell if someone is not speaking their truth, if they are hiding something, we may hear whether their voice sounds balanced, nervous, excited? From this we can also begin to discern where blockages might lie in their chakras – for example if their voice is high and ungrounded, there may be blockages in the lower chakras.

We may also hear music in a different way, becoming more aware of the depth of composition, tuning into different instruments more easily. Clairaudience may also include hearing heavenly music from the ethereal realms. Sometimes there may be a ringing in the physical ears, which is said by some to be information being ‘downloaded’ from above if there is no physical reason for this problem.

Hearing can be difficult when the mind is noisy. This is where meditation can help, stilling and quietening the mind of its chatter. Getting out in nature daily and absorbing the peace and tranquillity of nature. Sitting and listening to Nature’s own music, such as the song of the birds, the rush of the wind through the trees. Switching off the TV and radio and allowing ourselves the time to be alone with our thoughts and paying attention to them, can all help us to begin to tune in to the process of listening.

For more information and for help developing your clairaudience see the Psychic Development Course