Clairvoyance means clear seeing. Related to the third eye or brow chakra. Clairvoyance may be experienced at a more advanced level by seeing spirit (those who are now dead and have passed over), seeing visions or scenarios much like watching a movie unfolding or seeing places where you’ve never been and seeing auras.

When we are highly creative and visual with an appreciation for beauty and the natural world around us, when we have an ability to see the bigger picture and both sides of a story, when we ‘see through’ people and situations for what they are, it is likely that we are experiencing the sense of clairvoyance at a more basic level.

When watching energy we may see swirls, sparkling as the energy dances, sometimes it looks a little like a heat haze, or a mist. If looking at auras, clairvoyance may range from seeing colours around the person or seeing the colours in the mind’s eye. We may see an energy interaction within their aura, for examples throwing off spikes with anger or a hard shell around the person if they are closed on some level. Seeing things out of the corner of the eye can be a common start to clairvoyance and it is by asking ourselves what did we see? What was it? What did we ‘think’ it was, we then start to develop, by building up gradually, our trust in what we are ‘seeing’. Don’t forget to get your eyes tested to rule out any problems.

Clairvoyance may also link to psychic or channelled art. A picture may be seen in the mind’s eye, with an urge to draw or paint it and at times an ability to replicate the picture beyond our individual, usual, creative ability.
Clairvoyance is also linked to dreaming. Seeing spirit or information unfolding in dreams.

Clairvoyance may sometimes also be taken to mean pre-cognition – ie. Knowledge of, or clear-seeing of the future.