Holistic Courses

Holistic Courses

Mindful & Intuitive Eating  6 x 2 hours weekly

This 6 week course will help you to become more aware of your own eating patterns, help you to tune into yourself and make more intuitive, mindful food choices. Learn to listen to your body and notice your triggers to eat. Enjoy your food, and drop the demonising of it! Find your full button and learn to become more comfortable with sensations of hunger. Develop relaxation techniques and other ways of nourishing yourself.

Also available as one to one coaching.

Indian Head Massage for Friends and Family 6 weeks

Learn more about this relaxing technique which can help with mother child bonding and building better relationships. Children with anxiety, ADD and ADHD can often find this a very soothing treatment. During this course you will learn practical massage techniques for the shoulders, neck, scalp and face as well as oils, aftercare advice, the Ayurvedic system and the chakras.

Eating for Better Mental Health and Stress Reduction – workshop (1, 2 or 4 hours

It is said that ‘we are what we eat’, but it’s not always easy to feel motivated to feed ourselves optimally if we struggle with stress or mental health imbalances. Understanding more about nutrition and gut health can help. During this workshop we look at some small adjustments which may then help to support you to make other changes in time.

In this 1-2 hour workshop we look at hydration, getting your 5 a day, food intolerances, gut health, how sugar affects mood, mindful eating and the various vitamin and minerals, which can support out mental wellbeing as well as a few shortcuts to help you on your way.

If you were a car how would you perform considering the type of fuel you putting in there?

Also available as one to one Holistic Wellbeing Coaching, start now!

Help your Health with Holistic Therapies – 6 weeks Course

Learn more about holistic therapies, what they are and how they can help your health and that of your friends and family. There are some practical hands elements to this course.

During this 8 week course you will learn about Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy, Stress management, mindfulness, colour and the chakras, Reiki, Crystal Therapy and leading a holistic lifestyle.

Also available as one to one Holistic Wellbeing Coaching, start now!

A Holistic Approach to Relaxation – 8 week course

Find some holistic tools to help you to learn to relax. During this course we look at barriers to relaxation and managing stress, mindfulness and meditation, essential oils, sleep, interpersonal  boundaries, colour, nutrition, exercise and nature therapy.

Also available as one to one Holistic Wellbeing Coaching, start now!

Mindfulness, Meditation and Relaxation Course 6 week course

During this course we will cover relaxation techniques, visualisations and a variety of meditative approaches to suit both ‘doers’ and ‘be-ers’. We look at what stress is and how cultivating and adopting a mindful approach to life can help to reduce stress when used as a regular coping strategy. Self-care is addressed, as well as attitudes of gratitude and accepting ‘what is’.

Self-Care – 2 hour workshop (Can also be run as a 6 week course)

Self-care is very much coming to the fore as carers, helping professionals and those with chronic illness are being encouraged to recharge. However, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Barriers to self-care and why we often won’t allow ourselves to stop are considered, as well as ways to self-care.

After this workshop – or course – you will learn what stops you from allowing your self-care and find ways to work with that, as well as methods that would appeal to you in order to help you to top your battery levels up.

Better Mental Wellness – 8 week

Create your holistic prescription for better mental health over the course of 8 weeks. This 8 week course aims to help you better manage your mental wellbeing so that you can move forward positively with your life, having more confidence and more able to assert and value yourself. You will be introduced to a variety of holistic and complementary approaches, methods and tools designed to support you to feel more in control of your mental and emotional wellbeing. These topics include relaxation, nutrition, challenging negative thoughts, interpersonal boundaries, rights in relationships, learning to say no, assertiveness techniques and more.

Aromatherapy for Friends and Family – 2 hour

Learn how to use essential oils safely for yourself, your friends and family. Find out about the properties of the oils and how they may help to support your health. Although aromatherapy oils are natural it does not mean that they are safe, learn how to use them with care and find your favourite

Aromatherapy Blending Workshop – 2.5 hours

Blending your own massage oil

Learn more about aromatherapy and the essential oils for wellbeing and some of the popular combinations which may help to ease various health conditions. Understand more about the notes of oils and make a simple massage oil.

Crystal and Colour Therapy Course 8 weeks

Over 8 weeks, you will learn more about the properties of some of the popular crystals, how crystals are thought to work in therapy and how to take care of them. As well as understanding more about colour, the chakras and how these energy therapies can help yourself and others, this course is a popular course with crystal meditations to indulge your inner twinkle!

Reiki – either day course or spread over 6 weeks.

Reiki Level 1 – for friends and family 6 attendees will be required to read a manual prior to the course and answer some questions which they will bring to the course. It is a practical day where the learners will be focusing on the techniques explained in the manual.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique of channelling energy through a practitioner to another person for their health and well-being. By the end of this day or 6 week course, learners will find out about the history of reiki, the reiki principles and how to use this energy for themselves, their friends, family and pets.

Level 2 – Practitioner level

Day course 9.15-2.45pm will be required to read a manual prior to the course and answer some questions which they will bring to the course. It is a practical day where the learners will be focusing on topics explained in the manual.

Reiki 2 covers distance healing, the symbols and the history of that, the consultation and treatment forms as well as insurance and ethical practise.