Peak Experiences and Awakenings

It’s like being told a joke, we might think we understand; we may give a vaguely amused smile out of politeness, because we don’t really get it or think it’s that funny. Then something abruptly clicks in, and there’s an understanding at a deeper level.

It’s a moment of true understanding. The cosmic joke! The light bulb moment. The remembrance. The dawning of realisation, the penny drop moment, and everything falls into place. There’s an energetic whoosh, it’s electric, and at last we feel plugged in, the lights are on and we are home! It feels like confirmation that we see everything for what it is, in its entirety, with our eyes wide open rather than being half asleep; at last we’ve woken up. The comprehension that each part plays to make the whole. It’s knowing, it’s a feeling of finally being in tune, a harmonious soft expansion as we enter the flow state, with a sharp sense of clarity. It is mind blowing, it can be ungrounding and overwhelming; we may question whether we’re going stark raving mad. We may cling onto the experience wildly, because we don’t want to lose the moment. We may need reassurance from those around us that everything we are saying and thinking is rational. That everything we’re saying is making sense, as our reality changes. It is an altered state of consciousness and perception, things are not as they were before. The world seems different, so much greater, the colours around us look brighter as if we’re seeing things for the first time and knowing that there is so much more going on around us than first meets the eye. Perhaps it’s a little scary because we haven’t learnt to embrace it yet. It’s like finding out that someone is there when we thought we’d been alone after such a long time. We may suddenly realise that all the links that we initially thought were coincidences are by far too many in their number, or too great (and unfathomable) to have occurred by chance alone. We may start to wonder, is this the divine plan? There has to be something far greater going on, on the periphery, than we may initially conceptualise. We may see why the people arotmd us are there in our lives, seeing the meaning behind it all. It is a humbling experience, full of wonder and awe for the vastness of what is.

During peak experiences colours look brighter and the beauty in the world around us is easier to see

When we finally get the picture, it forms a new reality. What was once a painting in front of the eyes, now becomes part of us. We feel the strokes of paint, we are part of the paint, and we are part of the picture, we are truly connected. Perhaps we ahnost daren’t believe it, because it seems too good to be true, that we do belong and this may be taken away. It can at times, as we struggle with the ego, leave us feeling rather inflated that we might just be better than other because we may see something they don’t. There may be a tinge of sadness that other people can’t see the beauty of the picture that we see, but this only reminds us to learn to bring us into balance for ultimately it’s seeing that we are all so special, everyone and everything is perfect. Holding on this picture is the challenge and paradoxically holding onto it, is what tends to make it disappear.