Clairaugustance and Clairolfactance

Clairolfactance is the psychic sense of clear smelling

Associated with our sense of smell and linked with the throat chakra and third eve chakra, this is quite a common clair which often links us to spirit. A common occurence with clairolfactance is the smell of cigar or cigarette smoking wafting around (with no smokers in the vicinity) which may indicate the presence of someone who has passed over. This smell can be used by spirit to help us to identify their presence. The scent of flowers such as roses, violets, lilies etc if someone used to like them or wear a certain perfume – and sometimes if spirit would like to present their loved one on earth with flowers. The smell of alcohol or the pub if someone was a drinker, the smell of baking if someone enjoyed cooking.

Clairolfactance isn’t just limited to smells from the spirit realms. Smell may manifest when doing distance readings which may indicate things that are occurring for the living. Other more bizarre scents can be combined with the other clair’s such as clairsentience to convey a message. For example, smelling hairspray when the person is a hairdresser or smelling cleaning products, which someone had been using that day.

Other scents such as burning might indicate how someone passed, or provide us with a warning to be more vigilant around electrical appliances etc.

Spirit guides may also present themselves with a certain scent or odour in order to help identify them.

Please also be aware that if no one else around you can smell anything and it’s persistent it could be linked with a medical problem, so do consult your GP.

Clairaugstance is the psychic sense of clear tasting

The smell of baking may be perceived if someone likes/liked baking.

Clairaugstance is perhaps not so often experienced. This is the sense of clear tasting – where we may taste something such as a citrus fruit, baking, barley sugar, food, metal, or some other substance. A taste of blood in the mouth may indicate something to do with a spirit’s passing, or the taste of barley sugar that they liked to eat these sweets, or baking that they liked baking.