To book an appointment please see my online booking form or telephone or text the number below. Due to the nature of my work I can’t answer calls easily so do leave a message or text me and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Telephone: 07930 120516 or 01978 421583

Address: Unit 4 Gwersyllt Resource Centre, Second Avenue, Gwersyllt LL11 4ED

Privacy Statement
How I use your information and keep your confidence.

I (Emma Sims) am the data controller which means I hold your information, and data processor, so I process your information. I am registered with the ICO.  I collect your personal information when you make an appointment, so I can contact you if necessary. At your appointment we fill in a consultation form or a record form if you come for a workshop, so I can also understand more about your needs and/or your health. This form is kept in a locked filing cabinet. If after 7 years I haven’t seen you, it’s destroyed, if I have, it remains in my locked cabinet. You have access to your records at any time and can request that they be destroyed at any time.

My accountant and my bank (if you pay me by BACS transfer) will have your name only, paypal will have your address already. If you are receiving a free treatment, the organisation who has sent you to me may be invoiced with your name (or a unique number), but no other information shared. Non of your information such as your address, telephone number, email or names in my electronic diary is  shared with anyone else for their use. On occasion any admin worker who has access to records will be required to fill in a confidentiality agreement. If I discuss your case with my supervisor I do not mention your name – you are referred to as ‘a client’. In the event of my death, my supervisor will have access to the locked filing cabinet and will destroy all records. She is bound by confidentiality too.

If you email me I have your email address on computer, ipad and iphone, all of which are protected by password. I will email you when we have agreed, eg you sign up for a course or I send you an email about something we have discussed. I may send you special offer texts by mobile phone from time to time, please request to opt out if you don’t find them useful and should any of the above give you any cause for concern with regards your information please discuss it with me.