Angelic Energy Therapy

I channelled the Angelic Energy Therapy attunements in October 2012 during meditation with a Spiritual development group, linking with the energy of Archangel Gabriel at that time. I have been using it with clients and those that have learnt it, with good feedback, since. It is a beautiful gentle energy, described as being like a warm hug.

Learn how to channel this for yourself and others. The energy is often described as being like a gentle hug, the Angelic Energy reassuringly takes us by the hand.  Reiki by contrast as an energy can be like a nudge in the ribs that helps us to shift and drops us ‘in at the deep end’ and sometimes people can find it too much, Angelic Energy may be more suitable in those cases. It is no more or less powerful, it is just another way. Angelic Energy Therapy is NOT reiki, it is a different vibration.

Workshops are 2 hours in person in a group setting or 1 hour 1-2-1 on zoom with a distant attunement. Working in person you will be sent the manual in advance, for those with prior experience of energy work for others, such as reiki practitioners and other energy therapists. Or, it maybe run as a workshop for those new to energy therapies. Some knowledge or connection with the angels may be beneficial, as you will not learn about the angels on the day, part of the training through the levels and when you work frequently with the energy, is to encourage you to develop your own personal connections with the Angels and in that way empower you.

Level 1  – 2 hours £60  (or day course if no prior experience, please enquire)

You will :

  • Receive an attunement to the energy during an Angelic Meditation
  • Open up your connection to your guardian angel and an Archangel
  • Understand how the energy works with the lower chakras
  • Self-treating and treatments for others
  • The purification / cleanse
  • Experience the energy and how it may help yourself and others
  • Grounding in reality and facing our fears
  • Physical exercise considerations

At level 2 – 2 hours in person in a group (or a day for those with no prior experience of using angel or oracle cards)

As well as receiving a further attunement, this level focuses on a simple 3 card empowerment reading. You will receive the manual in advance to read before the workshop, so that best use of practical time can be made. Prior knowledge and experience of oracle or angel cards is useful but not essential.

  • Angelic meditation
  • Opening up the higher chakras
  • Dietary change considerations
  • Ethics of reading cards for others
  • Opening up and closing down
  • Simple 3 card angel spread
  • Empowering Guidance Method

Level 3 – 3 hours

As well as a further attunement this level focuses on your process of transformation: ‘as above, so below’. You will

  • Recap on what you have learnt during the first two levels
  • Meditate further on the energies of Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Azrael, Archangel Chamuel and Metatron and anchor your own connections
  • Companionship Angels – ‘duos and trios’ – enhancing our relations with others
  • Instructions for passing the attunements to others
  • Receive the Angelic Baptism Meditations for the 3 levels

As a follow on from Angelic Energy Therapy you may enjoy Diamond Energy Therapy

‘Earth Angels walk with both feet on the ground’ ‘Come out of the darkness and into the light. Transforming the shadow to let the light in; transmuting the darkness and bringing you back down to earth. Grounding you back into your body and out of your head.’