Self Care for Givers and the Helping Professions

My long held dream of my first book being published is happening this autumn. From 8 years-old sat in the garden with my ‘Petite child’s type-writer’ I’d wanted to write a book. It could be called ‘dreams coming true’, but is actually titled ‘Self Care for Givers and the Helping Professions” and is coming very soon. It’s about why we don’t and how we can care for our Mind, Body and Spirit. I had to go through my journey first to get the story!

There are examples of my own difficulties of self-care through suicidal depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, social phobia, M.E. Unable to work for years, by adopting a holistic lifestyle my story as a self-employed Holistic Therapist is different nowadays – but still a work in progress! This book discusses that, with emphasis throughout to help you find what is right for you, we are all different.

It takes the reader on a journey through common blocks and obstacles that so many of us have, to self- care. From our thoughts about how selfish it feels to pay attention to ourselves and what we can do about that, to treating ourselves with compassion when we don’t manage to self-care as our conscience may be prodding us to! Self-care can be about removing that guilt and beginning to value how a cup when its full is better to share, than offering an empty one to another.

Many of you may relate to how grumpy and irritable we feel when we are tired and worn out, and burn-out is common in the helping profession, but not always recognised until it’s happened. It’s time for self-care to be normalised. The good news is, I think it will be and we are getting there.

It’s timely that the release of the book coincides with the highlighted need for self-care during the pandemic. When we were advised that the NHS wouldn’t be able to cope, many of us may have thought more about self- care, but not always known how to. Sales of immune support vitamins have apparently increased during this time, which is good news. There is more need for us to take responsibility for our own health and do what we can to be well. It might mean that we need to take action to call a GP during this current crisis to get checked out. It’s been reported how less people picking up the phone may be the reason for a current decline in cancer diagnosis at this time, so please do get checked out if you need to! During this journey to better self-care we learn to value ourselves more, to begin to care about ourselves, as we care for others.

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