Self-Care Foundations

I went through a period of depression a few years back. As part of self-care and self-support, I asked the boss if it was OK to take an extra day off work a week. Fortunately she was learning about compassion in practise and said yes 😉😂

I walked up and down the Chain Bridge to St Martin’s section of the canal frequently on those Tuesdays. I have lovely memories of my long walks. Wild garlic munching, some of the beautiful barges and business barges, the cake of course, feeding the ducks and their ducklings, the geese, the people and the fresh air.

The Llangollen Canal

I don’t have the jarring emotional memory of it having been a difficult emotional time. I was dealing with and processing those emotions. As I allowed and accepted them as they were, Mother nature accepted and held me. The soothing balm of nature.  Predominantly, I look back on that time as another memory of the healing power of nature and how its helped me over the years.

Our self-care strategy tools have a bearing on how we get through and manage stressful times in the present moment. Interestingly too, the echoes of memory when we arrive in the future and look back, can then be less painful too.

With that in mind, what self-care strategies have you got on your agenda today? How  can you build them in to your day as well as your future? Your future actually starts now, it’s in the present that we build it. So what can you do today to lay those foundations? Can you make a commitment to yourself to do something that soothes and eases any difficulties you maybe experiencing?