What are your depleting and repleting activities?

Focusing on doing the things that help to support our well being, and are healthful for us, are important during times of stress. Being mindful of those that don’t, can help us to manage our energy and stress levels better.

What depletes you and what repletes you? (what drains and what nourishes you?)

* Make a note of 3 things which drain your energy and vitality in some way or other.

*Make a note of 5 things which recharge you.

Do the recharge activities more frequently throughout your day to help support and replenish yourself, think of them as the things that help you to flower, to bloom, that feel good and nourishing for you..

Here’s a few of mine to get you started…

* 3 things that deplete me: watching the news, being in contact with certain people, too much sugar

* 5 things that replete me: exercise, being out in nature, wholesome nourishing food, meditation/spiritual practises, sharing humour with others 😂