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Please contact me if you have any further questions or if you would like information about training for Level III Reiki Master/ Teacher

Please see the workshop page for the next Reiki training dates
If you would like to learn Reiki,
it is beneficial for you to know what a treatment feels like first.
Try a Reiki 
Treatment First
Reiki Training
Reiki, or ‘universal life force energy’ is an Ancient Japanese technique of channelling energy through a practitioner to another person for their health and well-being. This treatment may work on any or all of the four levels: physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.  Reiki training in itself can also be a system of self and spiritual development.  Reiki can be what we want it to be: it is a mirror; it can be as simple or complicated as we make it.  In teaching Reiki, I include a basic structured approach but foremost is the focus on the development of an intuitive approach as this can aid self-development and personal growth.

Some people wish to be attuned to Reiki because they would like to become a Reiki Practitioner.  Other people benefit from having an attunement to  Reiki in order to be able to channel the energy for their own Self-Healing.  Being attuned to Reiki means that every time we channel Reiki for another person, we also receive Reiki ourselves.

I teach Reiki one-to-one, or in small groups.
Kundalini Reiki
Meet Your Spirit Guide Workshop
Please see the workshop page for the next Reiki training dates
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“I could feel my energy flow become stronger. It has been a lovely day today. I was so excited and comfortable. I am deeply grateful to have chance to learn Reiki”


“Good folder, lots of info, well taught...great day, thanks Emma, look forward to learning more”

‘Very enjoyable day, thank you”


“Thank you so much, a wonderful experience“


“Thanks for a great day and can’t wait to begin my path as a healer and look forward to more courses”


“I would encourage more people to come on the course as it has helped me through difficult times in my life and made me feel more empowered physically and mentally and anything is possible”.


“Friendly, relaxing, fun atmosphere”


“I loved that it was tailored to fit me...You being flexible in teaching it was great. Plus you're a natural teacher for getting information across and making the pupil think for themself...what more can I say?! If I do make it to Master level I'm nicking all your ideas! ;)


“I had a very enjoyable day - Emma is a very knowledgeable and sensitive person. The environment was peaceful. I felt very well looked after and would recommend anyone who wants to experience Reiki to do so. Thank you Emma!”


“The day went really quickly - my mind was racing in the morning but by the afternoon I felt contented and mellow.  I’m looking forward to see how this will enfold into the future and how it may help me and people I know”


“Distance healing and house cleansing were particularly enjoyable during the workshop..also found the chapter on developing sensitivity to energies useful after coming home. Thank you for your encouragement.”


A memorable workshop. I always feel comfortable during sessions with Emma and it was a very comfortable environment and I feel that I have learnt a lot. Thank you”


“Very relaxing and easy to talk. Very informative as well and I  have learned and progressed. A fantastic workshop. Emma is very empathic and knowledgeable. I would love to continue the journey with Reiki”


“Really enjoyed it all. Excellent - warm environment. Can’t wait until next workshop!”

“I have enjoyed the day, [particularly] the attunements and meditation, relaxed atmosphere and informal approach and the opportunities to practise”


“Lovely group uplifting, exciting, calming and left with a sense of well-being and peace. Felt very comfortable with Emma”


“Enjoyed all of it”


Really enjoyed Reiki level I can’t wait to do Reiki level 2. Emma is a fabulous teacher and made me understand Reiki very clearly”


“Fantastic 6 week course learnt a lot about myself. Feel very much at ease with you Emma and safe. Fantastic teacher and REALLY looking forward to Reiki 2”


“Thank you very much for introducing me to Reiki and walking this path, your knowledge is incredible, can’t wait for Reiki 2”


“I felt this course was designed for me, I am 100% more comfortable within myself from start to finish, this has been a fantastic experiences, I hope to experience it again. I am inspired and hope to make a difference, even if its day by day”


“The workshop was very good and I liked the informal attitude to each week and the way people could add information and experiences at any point without being rushed along to get the allotted amount done for that day. All was explained well if questions were asked. The feedback from Emma was helpful. I found that things that I  was feeling or thinking where confirmed by her”


“Felt able to ask and digress too, good to be able to discuss topic areas. Thank you for a lovely day”


“Emma’s delivery and presence is wonderful. She has fantastic energy that helps you relax and fully immerse yourself in the workshop. Plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get questions answered/clarified”

“Very informative and friendly environment - time for both debate and practise”

“{I liked the} one-to-one tuition, informative and interesting, quality of information provided. Very well run course, reiki journal provides useful feedback”

“I enjoyed the practical aspects and hearing feedback and other people’s experiences of the process. Lovely friendly atmosphere. Space to express yourself. Great day!”

“Excellent. The practical helped to embed the learning. Got a little confused at one point with the methods but that was cleared up. Thank you with all my heart!”

[I particular liked] practical sessions - could feel what was happening”

“Emma has helped me attain Reiki Levels 1&2. I cannot thank her enough for the warmth and knowledge she has shared with me. I would highly recommend Emma to anyone interested in learning reiki..”

“Very interactive, small group size makes it very easy to maximise participates in practical exercises. Very informative workbook to accompany the day and use as a future reference tool.”

“{I particularly liked] the attunement experience itself and cleansing of the room. Good day. Very informative and inspiring as usual.”

Angelic Energy