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Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an ancient Japanese technique which involves a practitioner channeling energy and directing it to people or animals. Reiki has no association with any religion or faith and can be received by anyone who would like to experience this energy. It is a safe treatment; the person will only get what they can handle or need.  Reiki is suitable for adults, elderly people, children and babies.
What Can I Expect During a Treatment?
A full treatment lasts 1 hour, although a shorter treatment of 30 minutes may be enough for some people. The client remains fully clothed during the treatment. Reiki can be received lying down or sitting in a chair.  The practitioner will place their hands on, or above, the client’s body.
The sensation’s experienced as the Reiki energy is received can range from intense heat, chills, cold, tingling, pressure and some people see colours.
For most people, receiving Reiki is a deeply relaxing experience which promotes a feeling of well-being and peace. For others it can be an opportunity for emotional release, a chance to talk, or they may simply fall asleep.
Reiki 60 minute treatment costs £35
Reiki 30 minute treatment costs £25
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Reiki £35
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How many treatments do I  need?
How many treatments you need is entirely up to you, it is an individual decision. Depending on the person one treatment may be sufficient for their needs if they are, for example, mildly stressed. Others with chronic, or long-term  conditions may benefit from a course of treatments over a longer period of time and some may choose to have a treatment regularly every few weeks. It is invariably the case that when you have had a treatment you instinctively know whether you need, or would like, another treatment.

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