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Pedicure £25

Pedicure £25 which includes relaxing foot soak, exfoliation, cuticle work, hard skin removal, leg massage, file and polish


Toe Nail Re-polish £10
Just want your toenails varnished or re-polished

Are Pedicures Just for Beauty?
In short no! People who have pedicures often comment that their feet feel fabulous afterwards and that can change the way we think or feel about our feet. Some people just do not like their feet, yet think of all they do for us and how life would be without them? They carry us round and sometimes we do not give them a second thought. Holistically our feet support us and help us to move forward in our life. It is for this reason that I have noted with interest that some clients who have been rather stuck in their lives, have had shifts after they have had pedicures, their lives have opened up and changed in some way. It makes sense to me as a reflexologist that if we are removing hard skin, the reflexes (I.e. points on the feet which link to points in the body) may be more exposed and perhaps stimulated by walking, so there could be a general shift in that area of the person’s life. For instance, removing hard skin on the shoulder area of the foot, may precipitate a shift in the consciousness of the person that ‘they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders’ and they begin to break this habit, which has a knock on effect of lessening tension in their shoulders too.  

A Holistic-ish Approach to Pedicures
Although pedicures do involve the use of chemicals such as cuticle and nail varnish remover, I use acetone free remover, paraben free foot products and have some sparitual polishes in the range of polishes that I use.

Pedicures for Men
Pedicures are not just for women - men can have a pedicure too. It may be especially helpful if you have hard skin from playing sports, or your feet just need some nurturing.

Call Emma on 07930120516 or 01978 421583

Please note, I will not be able to do your treatment if you have verrucas, a fungal nail infection or athletes foot- please see your GP or a chiropodist about these conditions.
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Opening Times
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