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regain control of their life, bringing balance to mental and emotional processing.
Physical Attributes: cleanses and detoxifies the blood, eliminates parasites. Aids absorption of calcium and magnesium, and diabetes.
Related Chakra: crown, higher crown
Spiritual Attributes: Links with the lightbody, good for meditation, channelling, excellent for clearing the   aura   after  energy  work,  and
depression and fear, helping the user to attain inner security, by releasing old ways of being. Helps with harmonious relationships and to find joy in life. 
Physical Attributes: paralysis, multiple sclerosis, stress, conditions of the heart and lungs.
Healing Attributes: Provides physical energy. Treats digestive system, heart, lungs, pancreas and reproductive system, provides balance of the blood vessels and veins.
Physical Attributes: cleanses and oxygenates the blood, working well with toxic conditions. Eases disorders of the heart. Due to it’s grounding nature it helps to balance vertigo and dizziness. Treats genital disease.

Bibliography and Further Reading
The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall 
The Crystal Healer by Sue and Simon Lilly
Crystal Power, Crystal Healing by Michael Gieger
Love is in the Earth by Melody 
Crystal Properties compiled with thanks to Sheila Johnson
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Crystal Properties 
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