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Obsidian: black, blue, snowflake, peridot (olivine, chyrysolite), Pyrite, Quartz: clear, aqua aura, milky, rose, rutilated, smoky, spirit, tourmalinated, Rhodocrosite, Ruby
and the consequential notion that they are put upon by others. Helps the user to think before they speak.
Physical Attributes: see clear quartz (above) ~ it’s effects are subtler and gentler

Physical Attributes: speech defects, eye disorders, pain relief when placed on the site of pain.
Please note, blue obsidian is clear ~ reflected trees and sky in this pic.  just looks ever so pretty!
Circulation problems and vertigo. Eliminates pain and blistering of burns. Balances the body and can be used for any condition. Increases energy.
Elixir is useful in clearing toxins from the body.

Bibliography and Further Reading
The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall 
The Crystal Healer by Sue and Simon Lilly
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Crystal Properties compiled with thanks to Sheila Johnson
 Crystals O~R
Crystal Properties 
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