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Distant Angelic Energy Therapy (AET) Level I £45
‘Earth Angels walk with both feet on the ground’
‘Come out of the darkness and into the light. Transforming the shadow to let the light in; transmuting the darkness and bringing you back down to earth. Grounding you back into your body and out of your head’

This is a grounding attunement and also opens up the healing channels. It may help us to begin to face reality and accept things as they are and to channel the Angelic Energy for our own use and for other people. This system of energy work is no stronger, no more powerful than any other - it is just ‘another way’. You will receive a 22 page manual and jpeg certificate via email. Full support given. Suggested pre-requisite, reiki 1 or similar other energy therapies.

The particular focus of the attunement is on opening up the lower chakras, especially the sacral chakra and sowing a seed of light within that area which may help you with the following:

* Your relationship with yourself – inspiration, awareness and understanding - and your   relationship with others
* Allowing yourself to receive
* Purification – emotional catharsis (3-6 week clearing after)
* May encourage you to increase your exercise regime
* Personal development
* Cleansing of cells including generational aspects. Issues that have run through generations in a family may come up to be addressed.

Please note
This system is not intended to replace medical care, if you have a health for concern please consult your healthcare provider. Angelic Angel Therapy is not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical care, nor is it an alternative – it is complementary to that care. In this way it also works in conjunction with other therapies.

Information about Angelic Energy Therapy (AET)
The Angelic Energy Therapy attunement was channelled by Emma Sims, North Wales, on October 2012 during meditation with a psychic development group. Archangel Gabriel linked to bring this energy therapy system into being.

Receiving your Angelic Energy Therapy attunement (or baptism)
The Angelic Baptism attunement is not associated with any religion or faith

This attunement can be received distantly accompanied via a recorded meditation or a silent meditation.

To receive the attunement distantly create a comfortable space for yourself and ask the angels to guide and assist you for your highest good.

You can either listen to the recorded meditation whilst receiving the energy or sit in silent meditation and affirm: ‘I am now receiving the Angelic Baptism Attunement’ – sit back and enjoy! The energy will run anything from 10 minutes to half an hour and during this time you may be aware of meeting your guardian angel and one of the Archangels.

Feedback for the Angelic Energy Therapy Workshop
“was very relaxing and calming, can’t wait to hear of any updates and to go out and practise on people and animals’

‘people attend very friendly and open, really enjoyed the experience and I look forward working with this new skill to help others”

“I felt very emotional as I arrived and throughout – almost as if I had been undergoing preparation. The feeling at the end was one of warmth and comfort. The small group was very comfortable”

“The whole experience was beautiful and uplifting. Emma is fantastic – the meditation to meet your angels is excellent. Emma explains things very clearly and creates an atmosphere where you can ask for clarification without feeling silly. I would recommend this to anyone. It’s a wonderful workshop.”

“I really enjoyed the other evening and have used the angel energy on myself and distantly on family members and they’re actually speaking, hugging and have exchanged xmas cards. So all in all RESULT,,,,, Peace at last in the household. Thank you so much Emma.”

“soft energy, comfortable and warm feeling. Enjoyed experiencing the difference between AET and the Reiki healing”

“Lovely, very relaxing, the energy is strong but has a calming effect also, like[d] the small group – the room, nice energy”

[the energy] “has a strength of its own, but not as dense as reiki”

“The general feel and theme of the day and connecting with angels and the energy was amazing. Nothing was difficult to understand, very easy and well explained. Highly recommended and would consider further courses etc for further development”

“Loved the energy, it’s a beautiful energy with a warm radiating feeling/flow. Amazing! Loved it!”

"safe, open, genuine, environment [particularly liked] quality of handout ...and content"

"lovely energy, lovely people", fantastic wonderful day, a very restful quiet experience, profound..the reading experience was 'interesting' and confirming"

[particularly liked] the meditation and the energies themselves, sense of peace, interesting evening rediscovering myself and intuition"

"good explanations, well put together, didn't feel out of comfort zone at all, questions answered, lovely therapy to be attuned to"
Distant Angelic Energy Therapy Attunements
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